Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Leonard Mudie, the evil judge who sentenced Errol Flynn to hang in “Captain Blood.”

Hi, people. Because I don’t have anything substantial on the agenda today here’s some miscellaneous unrelated baloney for your possible interest. Thank you.

I ORDERED MIXING BOWLS. I had a nice (expensive) set of white ones by OXO that apparently knew how to self-destruct. The last of them cracked in half in the microwave yesterday (leaking hot water and melted butter all over EVERYTHING) so a few minutes ago I bought myself the following lovely new set from Amazon for $9.95 with free shipping. (I love free shipping.) For those of you who care, the smallest bowl holds three cups and the largest holds 14. You can order your own set here.
I HAVE A NASAL DRIP. It might be allergies.

I TOOK AN IQ TEST THIS MORNING. I’m not exactly sure why I bothered, but I thought it might be fun to know what my IQ is. My score according to is 144. I have no idea if this is really accurate or not, but I sure find it comforting to know that I’M A FREAKIN’ GENIUS. And they even provided the following badge to post on my website, blog or Facebook page! (Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re appropriately impressed or not.)
SAM IS ON HIS WAY TO COSTCO. This is his regular once-a-week excursion for breakfast burritos, teeny tacos, chicken tamales, pasta salad (with genuine wads of salami!) and Kirkland canned chicken. I don’t think we need pistachios today.
I HAD LESS THAN TWO HOURS OF SLEEP LAST NIGHT. Due to neuropathy pain in my feet and general insomnia I didn’t go to bed until 6 this morning and then only managed to sleep until 7:50. Holy crap. My blood sugar is elevated, my ears are ringing, my knees are killing me and I can’t wait for Sam to get home from the store so he can scratch my back. I’d probably be depressed right now if I didn’t feel so damn good about my IQ.

INTRODUCING LEONARD MUDIE. Mudie was a British character actor (born 1883) who worked in 154 major films from 1932 to 1965 but typically in bit parts or uncredited. After seeing his face in three different movies last week — Captain Blood (1935), The Earl of Chicago (1940) and Foreign Correspondent (1940) — I finally decided I had to figure out who the hell he was. And that’s exactly how I passed the time this morning before I went to bed! Incidentally, if you’re a fan of Errol Flynn’s breakthrough hit Captain Blood (Sam and I love this movie) you should be able to recognize Mudie as the evil judge who sentences Flynn to hang.

Sam just got home from Costco with a trunkload of happiness so I think it’s time to start eating things. I’ll write more later if I haven’t passed out in the family room. I am very, very short on sleep right now. Shalom, okay?

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