Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meet Justin Harris, the Arkansas state representative who regifted his adopted daughters to a rapist.

I’m wide awake. It’s 5 a.m. Sunday morning and I just got out of the shower, believe it or not. This is what happens when you sleep through several movies on Saturday night and then Daylight Savings Time kicks in. All of a sudden 2 a.m. turns into 3 a.m. and you realize the rest of the night is shot to hell so why not write a Howdygram post.

For your possible interest the aforementioned movies included: They Were Expendable (1945) starring Robert Montgomery and John Wayne; San Francisco (1936) starring Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Jeanette MacDonald; Gandhi (1982) starring Ben Kingsley; and Three Men on a Horse (1936) starring Frank McHugh and a nice collection of everybody’s favorite Warner Brothers character actors such as Sam Levene, Edgar Kennedy and Allen Jenkins. Three Men on a Horse was adorable and adapted from a very funny Broadway play. I want to watch it again when I’m not unconscious.

Here we go again, people. I’m having another LOW BLOOD SUGAR hoo-hah! Two hours ago it tested at 109; now it’s down to 59. I’ll have to eat a few of my Wal-Mart chewy glucose whatnots before I go to bed (any minute now) and hope they’ll tide me over until breakfast, at which time I can pester Sam into making me two more of those excellent Schwan’s breakfast biscuits I had yesterday. It’s always something, isn’t it?

I’d like to share my latest Putz of the Week for y’all right now. In case you missed this story in the national news, meet State Representative Justin Harris (R-“Jesus Loves You”), an Arkansas Republican shitbag who abandoned “rehomed” his two little “difficult” adopted daughters — aged three and six — to an even bigger pile of excrement who’s now serving 40 years in prison for raping the older one.
After the news became public last week, Harris held a press conference on Friday to try and justify it. (He didn’t actually attempt to justify The Rape — by family friend Eric Francis, to whom he had turned over his two adopted daughters in late 2013 — Harris merely attempted to justify the rest of it.) He started by “clarifying” that “the victims here are the children,” since the Internet had a cerebral hemorrhage the day before when Harris claimed that it was he and his wife who had “suffered a severe injustice.” So he back-pedaled on Friday and decided to point his finger at the Department of Human Services, because it’s always easier to blame anybody but yourself when you’re a repulsive asshole. Harris talks like a pedophile who blames the child for seducing him or an abuser who blames his wife for having to beat her to death.

Ironically, Justin Harris and his wife own Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool, a godly little day care center that manages to weasle $1 million a year in subsibidies from the state of Arkansas by repeatedly lying to regulators who want them to STOP PREACHING JESUS TO TODDLERS. The rapist Eric Francis was a family friend of the Harris’ and an employee at Growing God’s Kingdom until he was fired in January 2014 for excessive absenteeism.
The more I find out about Justin Harris the more I loathe him, and I didn’t really think that was possible. He abandons his little daughters to a rapist but claims he and his wife are the real victims? Arkansas needs to close down Growing God’s Kingdom and kick Justin Harris out of the state legislature. And at that point he should hire bodyguards because most of the United States wants to kill him.

So much for the right to life. Apparently Republicans only give a shit if you’re a FETUS.

Try to have a nice day, okay?

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