Monday, July 14, 2014

Rick Perry’s humanitarian response to refugee children? The National Guard and armed militiamen.

It’s the wee hours of Monday morning — is 3 a.m. “wee” enough for you? — and since I can’t fall asleep I’ve decided to hang out here with you and write another post about Governor Rick Perry, the Lone Star State’s chief executive embarrassment, who just won another Howdygram Putz of the Week award ... this time for his ongoing panic and confusion about Central American refugee children at the Texas border. In a shocking interview yesterday with Fox News, Perry said “the best response” to an estimated 50,000 women and children fleeing violence in their home countries is “a show of force. Their conversations are being monitored with calls back to Central America, and the message is ‘Hey, come on up here, everything is great, they’re taking care of us.’ And that needs to stop.” Holy mother of crap.
In addition to allowing armed paramilitary Bundy ranch “patriots” — calling themselves Operation Secure Our Border — to threaten these children and scare them back into Mexico, Perry also believes he needs to mobilize the National Guard. “That’s the most humanitarian thing we can do,” he insisted. “The National Guard is absolutely a trained group of men and women who can address that particular function, and one that they should.”

However there’s one key problem with Perry’s viewpoint, not counting stupidity. Lunatic fringe militiamen and National Guard troops HAVE NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to frighten, detain or arrest political refugees since THEY’RE NOT HERE ILLEGALLY. By law, America’s role is to offer asylum and protection like every other wealthy nation in the world, because turning these people away or shipping them home to be brutalized is actually the LEAST humanitarian thing we can do! Rick Perry doesn’t get it and neither does right-wing FOX News talk show host Sean Hannity, both pictured below on a military gunboat cruising down the Rio Grande. It isn’t much of a stretch to see how some people might think this sort of activity is endorsed by government leadership, but it’s NOT. It’s endorsed by DICKHEADS.

So here’s what’s happening this week at Howdygram headquarters: NOT A LOT. There’s a cold front coming on Wednesday, we want to send a birthday check to Sam’s sister’s grandson and I’m expecting assorted deliveries. These include: 1) a trial shipment of canned meat for senior citizens from Brinkman Farms; 2) miscellaneous fun crap from Wal-Mart; and 3) my July Subscribe & Save order from Amazon even though it technically isn’t due until the 24th. (They always ship early.)
I just found out that my Subscribe & Save order will include everything on my list — SweetLeaf flavor drops, McCormick instant gravy in two-pound canisters, Chinese hot mustard powder, Green Giant mushrooms and zero-calorie Miracle Noodle pasta — EXCEPT for 12 teeny cans of Hormel ham because it’s out of stock. I’m learning to live with disappointment but please pray for me, okay?
Thank you for reading this.

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