Sunday, July 27, 2014

God bless Sam, food and Turner Classic Movies.

I didn’t have a very good day on Saturday due to a shitload of chronic pain issues. I can’t put any weight whatsoever on my left heel (plantar fasciitis), which throws my gait out of whack, quadruples the sharp pain in my knees and joints (arthritis), puts extra pressure on my crippled right hand (diabetic neuropathy) from leaning too hard on my cane, increases the muscle fatigue in my legs, and makes me simultaneously crabby, sad, pissed off, pathetic, emotionally drained and hungry. I AM ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. But in the meantime God bless Sam (he has the patience of a saint), food and Turner Classic Movies. Seriously.

After dinner last night Sam and I watched The Last Days of Pompeii (1935) starring Preston Foster, Basil Rathbone and Alan Hale, an ancient Rome hoo-hah about gladiators, revenge, money-grubbers, stolen horses, the Libyan slave trade, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and Jesus. Incidentally, combining those last two events was pure Hollywood fiction as Vesuvius didn’t erupt until 79 A.D. In addition there were lots of cheesy costumes, strange special effects (Vesuvius erupted with SPARKLERS), some excellent stabbing scenes in the gladiator arena and everybody wore an afro wig, including Basil Rathbone who basically stole the show as a sweet and sympathetic Pontius Pilate.
One of the highlights of my day on Saturday were two surprise FedEx deliveries from Wal-Mart. Actually, I should back up for a minute. Both packages were supposed to be delivered on Saturday but early in the day FedEx tracking indicated they’d be delayed until Tuesday, July 29. I got annoyed due to both packages already being at the FedEx depot in Mesquite at mid-afternoon on Friday so I couldn’t figure out what would delay them. As it turns out, NOTHING delayed them. The doorbell rang at 4:45 while Sam and I were eating a pile of food and both packages had been deposited on the front doorstep. Glorioski, right?

Here’s an adorable kitten video for your possible interest.

Thank you for reading this.

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