Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A tale of towels, cartridges and other Wednesday accomplishments.

This has been a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY due to accomplishing all of the following significant tasks. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

ORDERED NEW TOWELS. There’s a Labor Day sale at Macy’s so I decided to buy a few really nice Ralph Lauren bath towels and hand towels at 40% off for our guest bathroom even though we never have any. (Guests, that is.)
ORDERED INKJET CARTRIDGES. You can find fantastic deals on knockoffs from Amazon. I ordered a set of fake Epsons for 60% less than the name brand. Sam says I’m a genius.
REQUESTED A QUOTE FOR WINDOW-WASHING. I called Metroplex Window & Gutter Cleaning for an estimate to wash our 15 windows, outsides only. (If we didn’t have solar screens this would probably be a do-it-yourself project.) Please stay tuned for additional details.

DOWNLOADED FIVE FREE FONTS. Even though I’ve fully recovered from a 30-year font addiction it’s still fun once in a while to snag a few new faces for my collection especially if they’re FREE. (I’ll probably never use any of them, but what the hell.)

Before I treat myself to a juicy late-afternoon nap I’d like to share the following photos.
Sunday night at the VMA Awards during a moment of silence for Ferguson, Missouri, Kim Kardashian and her stupid sisters were photographed in the audience furiously dicking around on their iPhones while everybody else faced the stage. Afterwards Kim tweeted, “Who’s Ferguson?” (This can’t possibly surprise you.)

Hope you’re having a pleasant Wednesday. Don’t forget to floss.

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