Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A tale of three douchebags.

As I write this post I’m waiting for Sam to call me from Costco so I can ride up and down the food aisles with him and review the shelves on Face Time. I haven’t been to Costco since forever and I don’t even know what they sell any more aside from the usual stuff we buy every week out of habit, including: 1) teeny tacos; 2) breakfast burritos; 3) a giant sack of pistachios; 4) multi-color tortellini pasta salad with salami chunks for Sam; and 5) once in a while lox. Today might be different if I see something new and thrilling that I’d like to try. For instance, with REALLY BIG SHRIMP in it. Because who doesn’t love really big shrimp?

And now let’s meet our latest Putz of the Week. (It isn’t Rick Perry and I’m as surprised as YOU are.) This time the Howdygram is recognizing Flip Benham, a right-wing Jesus-lover, evangelical minister and leader of Operation Save America, a clusterfuck of extreme anti-abortion madmen who blockade clinics and shriek Bible verses at women seeking healthcare services. (They’re almost as friendly as the Westboro Baptist Church.)
In New Orleans on Tuesday, Flip and his herd of demonstrators staged a public “wake” for a real aborted fetus in an open coffin. Obviously there is nothing too appalling for these lunatics, aside from allowing women make their own decisions about birth control and pregnancy. Benham announced: “In 1995 there were 10 abortion clinics in New Orleans, now there is just one. Our prayer is that the last one will be closed and the Planned Parenthood under construction will never be built.”

Back in 2011 Benham and Operation Save America were convicted of stalking a North Carolina doctor who provided abortions after distributing hundreds of “WANTED” posters with the doctor’s name and photo on it. Now they’re doing the same thing in New Orleans, picketing and distributing flyers in a doctor’s neighborhood. For your possible interest, Benham is also the father of the Douchebag Twins, who were fired a few months ago from their own cable TV home improvement show on HGTV before the first episode even aired for being publicly-bigoted asswipes. The twins made a huge brouhaha about it afterwards on all the usual right-wing talk shows, claiming that Jesus and the First Amendment guarantee cable TV shows to racist morons and that HGTV is persecuting them for being Christian. And they seriously believe that.
But I digress. Apparently the Good-Time Dead Fetus Party yesterday in Jackson Square was quite a show! Protestors surrounded around a white Macy’s gift box coffin with a very large fetus inside, performed a wake with sobbing attendants and ended with a rousing chorus of “Amazing Grace” sung by children. Protestors named the fetus Amos. When asked where the fetus came from, Benham replied, “Most of the time we find them in dumpsters.” Of course you do.
In response the New Orleans Abortion Fund has been providing escorts for its patients, guaranteeing to keep their clinics open and safe. They also urged patients NOT to engage these lunatics in any way whatsoever even though screaming back and throwing feces at them would feel so damn good.

On a personal note, I think there should be an open casket for all the unloved and underfed REAL CHILDREN who died from abuse and lack of medical care because maniacs like Flip Benham and Operation Save America only give a crap about EMBRYOS. I honestly can’t believe we’re still fighting this bullshit in the 21st century.

As always, thank you for putting up with me and happy Wednesday to you and yours.

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