Friday, July 11, 2014

A happy Internet discovery ... canned meat for senior citizens!

Shalom, good morning, happy Friday and guess what I discovered by accident last night on the Internet: CANNED MEAT FOR SENIOR CITIZENS! Brinkman Farms sells big-ass 28-ounce cans of white meat turkey, chicken, chunky beef, ground beef and pork plus a couple of canned entrees and soups. I got so hysterical about real canned meat THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE ANY ACTUAL COOKING that Sam told me to go ahead and buy a bunch so we can try them. He didn’t have to tell me twice.
I ordered two cans of white meat turkey and one can each of chunky beef, ground beef, chunky chicken and beef vegetable soup. As an older person with severe mobility issues I’ll try ANYTHING fast from a can that makes my life easier. And then, in a flash of pure culinary genius, I decided to add tubs of McCormick’s instant brown gravy and instant poultry gravy to my July Amazon Subscribe & Save because NOTHING TASTES BETTER ON CANNED MEAT THAN FAKE GRAVY!
Gravy is my favorite food group not counting braunschweiger. Thank you for reading this.

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