Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jeb Bush, younger brother of George Dubya, is a genuine fucking moron in his own right.

Sam is working late tonight. VERY late. I’m estimating around 4 a.m., actually, due to a large flock of clients editing a document project in-house for 48 hours straight and Sam is the official circus ringmaster of record. This means I’ll have to make my own goddamn dinner, which will include leftover shrimp egg foo young on a paper plate, a cold bottle of Diet Sunkist soda and Pop Secret ... because I’m worth it! Unfortunately, I’m an old woman with a lot of mobility issues and no stamina of any kind whatsoever — translation: I CAN’T STAND UP — so preparing, plating and serving the aforementioned meal without help will be a fucking nightmare that typically requires sitting down every 90 seconds and a lot of crying.

By now I’ll bet everybody in the United States has seen this video of Eric Casebolt, the out-of-control cop in McKinney, Texas, who attempted to round up, tackle, handcuff and arrest middle school partygoers at a neighborhood pool. The result was so outrageous — especially Casebolt’s comical Starsky and Hutch “barrel roll” dive — that citizen hysteria led to his resignation just two days later.
This idiot cop deserves to be kicked in the nuts. He’s a peace officer and his job is to PROTECT AND SERVE, not swear at children, chase them, menace them, scare them to death, throw them to the ground by grabbing their hair, threaten them with arrest, manhandle and restrain a terrified 14-year-old girl in a bathing suit who’s crying for her mother ... and then SIT ON HER! There was no criminal activity going on here and no criminal activity was ever reported... the police were simply responding to a racist white woman’s complaint that black children were swimming at her neighborhood pool. After she started a fight and taunted them to “go back to your Section 8 housing,” she called the police ... and this is what happened next.

What an embarrassment for Texas. I want to beat somebody senseless with my cane.

For your possible interest the following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) the town of McKinney; and C) our favorite Costco in Rockwall, home of the world’s best teeny tacos. McKinney is about 35 miles north of Howdygram headquarters. We always drive through McKinney on our way to the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma.

I’ve got a Putz of the Week for you! It’s Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, George Dubya’s younger brother and a genuine fucking moron in his own right. Since Jeb is getting ready to cram his ass into the 2016 Republican clown car I think it’s fair game to look back at some of his more controversial political views. For instance, in his 1995 book Profiles in Character Bush shares his insights on HOW TO PUNISH WOMEN WHOSE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR DEVIATES FROM BIBLICAL NORMS. Particularly unwed mothers.
In 2001 as governor of Florida Bush championed the state legislature to pass the now-infamous “Scarlet Letter Law” requiring all pregnant unwed women and girls planning to put their infants up for adoption to first publicize their names and sexual histories in local newspapers. According to the New York Times, the law required women to run advertisements disclosing their names, ages, height, hair and eye color, race and weight as well as the child’s name and birthplace and a description of the possible father. WHAT THE FUCK?! Women also were required to provide details of the dates and places of sexual encounters that might have produced the child. Advertisements had to run once a week for a month in the community where the child may have been conceived.

Eventually the courts ruled that requiring women — especially rape victims — to publicly disclose their sexual histories in the press was unconstitutional. (Also ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.)

If you want even more insight into the warped brain of Jeb Bush, just Google “Terri Schiavo.”

Thank you.

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