Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sam has a nervous breakdown whenever he sees me eating out of a can.

There are TWO HUGE NEWS STORIES today from Howdygram headquarters. If this interests you, please continue reading immediately.

MY AMAZON SUBSCRIBE & SAVE ORDER SHIPS THIS WEEK. And this month I’m adding NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS for Nivea Touch of Cashmere Orchid Blossom body wash — senior citizens should always smell fabulous! — and a 12-pack of Chef Boyardee teeny ravioli in little microwavable bowls due to Sam has a nervous breakdown whenever he sees me eating out of a can.
Incidentally, this monthly Subscribe & Save order is a little smaller than usual for us due to already having enough Green Giant mushrooms, SweetLeaf apricot drops and Tide Pods.

A HOME DEPOT CONSULTANT WAS HERE YESTERDAY MORNING to give us an estimate for refacing our kitchen cabinets, an event that took THREE STINKING HOURS and dragged on so long that Sam almost didn’t have time to shower or eat any teeny tacos from Costco before he left for work. Tomorrow morning we’ve got the owner/chief salesdude from Kitchen Solvers — a pleasant man named Eric — coming over to do exactly the same thing, although hopefully in a lot less time and for a lot less money. (We thought the quote from Home Depot was outrageous.)

Our refacing project involves 19 cabinets and eight drawers in the kitchen with a custom-built rolling center island plus the cabinets under the two-sink vanity in our master bath. Apparently our choice of really gorgeous snazzy-ass hardware is included at no extra charge.

Thank you for reading this and please stay tuned for additional developments.

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