Monday, March 16, 2015

Baylor Family Health Center in Mesquite has the nicest phlebotomists in Texas.

Good morning! I’ve been up since 4:45 not doing anything interesting and finally decided to write a Howdygram post because I figure you might be bored, too. So in case you are, this one’s for you!

Today is the day after the Ides of March, which I acknowledged in yesterday’s post. After a fair amount of Googling you’ll be happy to know I finally found an appropriate photo of James Mason as the stabby anti-fascist Brutus in Julius Caesar (1953) and developed a classy Ides of March graphic to go along with it. Next year, God willing, I’ll include this Ides of March graphic on the actual Ides of March, which is always March 15. Thank you.

If you’ll humor me for a few minutes I’ve also got something else I’d like to share related to yesterday’s Howdygram post, the section where I discussed design tweaks and type color in various shades of gray. Even though I got excited about changing the type to 60% black, after a few hours of scrutiny (i.e., squinting at my monitor) I decided it might be too light and too hard to read so I bumped it up to 65%, which looks monumentally better. You may not be able to tell the difference but I sure can. It’s always a really good idea to make me happy.

Last night Sam and I enjoyed an adorable St. Patrick’s Day-themed Disney hoo-hah from 1959 called Darby O’Gill and the Little People starring Albert Sharpe in the title role as Darby, Janet Munro as his daughter and Sean Connery in one of his first movies as a cutie-pie named Michael McBride. Jimmy O’Dea is the king of the leprechauns. Others in the cast include millions of additional leprechauns with teeny horses who live in an amazing underground cave, a town bully and his snotty mother (played by Kieron Moore and Estelle Winwood, respectively), a pub full of Darby’s senior citizen drinking buddies and a terrifying transparent green banshee that could scare the living crap out of you. The special effects are first rate for 1959 and — as a special bonus — YOU GET TO SEE SEAN CONNERY SING A SONG!

I have nothing whatsoever on my agenda for today, which makes perfect sense because I’m a retired senior citizen with shitty knees who never leaves the house except for an occasional doctor appointment. Tomorrow I’ve actually got TWO. I’ll see my cardiologist, Dr. Singh, at his office in Rockwall at 9:30 — right across the freeway from our favorite Costco — and then I’m scheduled for a routine Coumadin blood test at Baylor Mesquite at 11:15. The following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) Dr. Singh’s office and Dr. Singh’s actual face; and C) Baylor Family Health Center in Mesquite with the nicest phlebotomists in Texas. THEY ALWAYS FIND MY VEINS!
I think it’s safe to go back to bed now. I got up to take my DOOZY PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLER (hydrocodone) at 5 a.m., but now that it’s kicking in and I’m sufficiently drugged I should probably lie down and try to get some sleep. Thank you for reading this!

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