Friday, January 16, 2015

The best cheap and perfect snack combo ever invented.

I apologize for not writing a Howdygram post yesterday but I was asleep in the family room all day, resulting from two nights of severe insomnia and outrageously shitty knee pain due to not getting any rest whatsoever. I am presently feeling much better, although please note it’s 5:15 a.m. and I might force myself to go back to bed with very little advance notice. (If I suddenly stop typing you’ll know why.)

NEWS FLASH: Artizone is delivering another juicy pile of ready-to-eat food today! This time I’m trying a new kind of meatloaf that’s half the price of the meatloaf I bought last time, a stacked chicken enchilada casserole for Sam with an interesting sauce and another batch of those amazing cheesy stuffed baked potatoes. For the hell of it I also included two bags of salad shrubbery (what does it mean when you have a lettuce craving?), a 1½-pound slab of braunschweiger because Wal-Mart apparently doesn’t stock it any more, and a few sugar-free dark chocolate Jell-O pudding cups.

And now I’d like to take a minute to elevate the ubiquitous Vienna sausage, those little cans of teeny cheap weenies you can pick up at your local dollar store (two for a buck) or from Wal-Mart (six for $2.88, the better deal).

I have a couple of favorite ways to eat Vienna sausages. The first is my popular recipe for Tasty Senior Citizen Chili Dogs, and the other is to dump two cans on a paper plate with a wad of Silver Spring sweet & hot honey mustard. The latter of the two is absolutely the best cheap and perfect snack combo EVER INVENTED, and as a bonus for diabetics such as yours truly it’s also very low-carb. And mustard dip tends to be highly entertaining.

Remember way, way back in the first paragraph of this post when I said I might force myself to go back to bed without any advance notice? Well, this is it.

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