Tuesday, January 20, 2015

President Obama’s State of the Union address is a very big hoo-hah and you shouldn’t miss it.

Hi, guys. It’s Monday night, I’m suitably rested, fed and showered, Sam will be home from work sometime during the next half-hour and I’ve got an exciting announcement to share with you: I’VE GOT A WHOLE BUNCH OF NEW FONTS! I realize that I pretended to kick my addiction back in 2013 but I hope you’ll understand that I flat-out lied about it. I’ve been collecting fonts since 1986 and I guess the damn things are in my blood. For the record, most of these were free but I actually paid money for Extra! Extra! and Doran Comics during Comicraft’s New Year’s Eve sale because what the hell, why not? Seriously, if Sam doesn’t mind, why should you?

I also want to announce a brand new GORGEOUS ORANGEY KNITTED THROW that I ordered last night from Amazon due to accidentally ripping my old one in half during an especially agitated nap on Saturday. (Don’t ask.) The new throw is a soft knit on one side and matching sherpa fleece on the other. If it lives up to its glowing customer reviews I might order one for the master bedroom, too, because sometimes I freeze to death in bed and need another layer on top of the quilt.

The Howdygram would like to remind you that tonight is President Obama’s annual State of the Union address. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE THINGS and I’m pretty sure I’ve never missed a State of the Union address since I first started giving a shit about politics back in the late 1960s. President Obama’s approval numbers are climbing again, the economy is healthy and he has a lot of very important programs to push tonight. This is a VERY BIG HOO-HAH and you shouldn’t miss it.
Maybe we should also take odds on how many asshole Republicans in Congress embarrass themselves tonight by heckling the president. (They’ve been doing it for six years. President Obama has the patience of a saint.)

It’s 6 a.m. and I should probably try going back to bed now. I’m upside-down again, sleeping all day and typing all night. It is what it is, I guess, but the circles under my eyes are so dark I’m starting to look like a raccoon.

Thank you for reading this.

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