Sunday, July 27, 2014

I love my memory foam slippers for shitty swollen feet.

Hello, people. It’s me! You may be pleased to know that I’m feeling better today — finally! — and I can thank the therapeutic memory foam slippers I bought last winter from FootSmart that accommodate shitty swollen feet with intense heel pain. As a matter of fact, they’re on sale RIGHT THIS MINUTE for about $12 [click here] and come in a bunch of nice colors. I’ll be glad to wait if you want to go shopping for a few minutes.
While I’m on the subject (shopping, remember?), here’s the result of an unexpected Sunday morning adventure on Amazon. I ordered a gigantic tub of Harmony House dehydrated vegetable soup mix — WITH REAL PEAS AND TEENY GREEN BEANS! — plus two canisters of my favorite McCormick poultry gravy because gravy is the Howdygram’s favorite food group.

There’s another food scandal in China, boys and girls. This time it’s the Shanghai-based subsidiary of a huge international meat supplier in Illinois (OSI Group) involving products sold by McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks Chinese franchises. Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. was shut down today by Chinese government officials after a TV exposé showed video footage of workers using expired meat and picking up meat from the floor to add to the mix. Five people are being detained by police as part of an investigation. Knowing how the Chinese overract to damn near EVERYTHING, I’m sure they’ll be executed on Tuesday or allowed to commit suicide.
This is just one more food safety brouhaha that illustrates China’s problems with local suppliers. For instance, Wal-Mart was in the spotlight earlier this year when a supplier's local donkey meat product was found to contain fox. Let’s be honest about this, people. When you’re craving donkey there’s no substitute for 100% ass!

It’s already 8:45 so I think I’ll shlep into the kitchen now and throw together something fast and wonderful for dinner. Thank you for reading this.

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