Saturday, June 21, 2014

Don’t forget to enter our big cheesy movie giveaway, okay?

Oy, what a crappy, crappy night. I finally went to bed this morning at 4 a.m. following an unexpected 90-minute intestinal holocaust and then woke up three stinking hours later with HYPOGLYCEMIA. At the moment I feel like a zombie but can’t go back to bed until I get my blood sugar back up to a normal number and out of the “cadaver” range. (It’s 53.)

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Sam has a very busy schedule today ... his last full day in California. Rather than make a big hoo-hah out of describing everything in detail I’ll just direct you from point to point on the following map: A) this is where Sam is staying in North Hollywood; B) this is where Sam will be hiking in the Hollywood Hills at 7 a.m. with Leo and John; C) this is where Sam will be eating hamburgers at noon (in Ventura) with his best friend from high school; and D) this where he’ll collapse at his mom’s assisted living facility in Sherman Oaks for the rest of the day and probably stay for dinner with all the cute old ladies who started the Sam Marks Fan Club.
Incidentally, it may not look like a big deal on this map but we’re talking about a LOT of driving. In typical SoCal traffic it takes about half an hour just to drive from A to B. Holy crap.

Now that I’m finally feeling better I think I need breakfast and a movie. What are YOU going to do?

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