Sunday, August 12, 2018

I have to wreck some truly excellent progress by confessing to a few stupid setbacks.

After spending eight productive hours last night sitting at my computer workstation, I have to wreck some truly excellent progress — finally making headway against my latest urinary tract infection; inventing a new recipe even though I’m practically bedridden; eliminating all the horrible, dry “alligator” skin from my feet and shins — by confessing to a few stupid setbacks. I’ll begin, therefore, by discussing the aforementioned setbacks in question. They are: 1) my skin is splitting; 2) my nose is dried out from wearing a cannula all the damn time; and 3) at the moment I can’t think of anything else. However, the “splitting skin” mentioned in item #1 is probably about an inch long on the left side of my body … located parallel to my waistline, below my rib cage and slightly around towards my back. (Got that? There’s a biology quiz on Wednesday.) To me, it feels like a giant paper cut, and when I asked Sam to take a look at it last night with a flashlight, he said it looked like a giant paper cut ... and he said it’s been bleeding, too.

HOLY SHIT. It’s always something!

Woo-hoo! I thought you might like to know that I’ve been horsing around with the Howdygram’s subheads again. This time, however, I’m using a whole new font — “Finition” — a perky little script with which I hope to add a spark of pizzazz and stir up some excitement … if not for you, then at least for yours truly. I’m starting out with bright red but might wind up switching to blue instead. (Deal with it.) And, of course, there’s also black. Therefore, please shoot me an email and let me know which color you like best. Red, blue or basic black. Thank y’all.

In addition to a cute new script font for Howdygram subheads and an opportunity to vote for your favorite color — red, blue or basic black! — I also plan to resurrect my “chopper” (teeny false teeth) rating system for recipes and food, as illustrated below:

So here we go again … I’d like to share another additional detail from Wednesday morning’s Crappy Catheter Incident.  (There are many others still to come. At least three.)

We had barely been introduced when the hospice R.N. whined (at least four times) that her back hurt ... and then insisted that Sam move me to a bed, which would be more convenient for her but virtually impossible for me … BECAUSE I CAN’T FUCKING WALK.

I’ve got some terrific FREE FONTS for you … a pair of interesting scripts (my favorite of the two is “Qatar Capital”), two highly useful families in various weights and styles (“Crillee” and “Market”), and a couple of very interesting display fonts (“Ramkoers” and “Dino Type”). I want to use “Ramkoers” and “Dino Type” for greeting card designs.

For your possible interest, “Crillee” was first introduced in the 1980s by the Scangraphic Digital Type Foundry, and I remember buying it (in Adobe’s PostScript format) for one of my first Macintosh computers, probably around 1989 ... long before there was any such thing as a free font. So thank your lucky stars for the Howdygram … right? RIGHT?!

Download links will appear after the graphic. (You’ll have to request “Dino Type” via email.) Please have a pleasant day.

Today Sam asked me to order a fresh new batch of 16" x 14" terrycloth “bar towels” (this is a particular size and style used by towel manufacturers) for my hospice C.N.A. to use when she bathes me. These are excellent little towels. When we moved to Texas 11 years ago [SPOILER ALERT: BORING STORY COMING UP] we bought everything brand new, including sheets and bath linens … and even terrycloth rags just like these. I believe I originally started out with two dozen of them, although several have been lost, stained or thrown out over the years for various reasons. Which brings us to 2018! My hospice C.N.A. loves these damn things and uses three or four every time she’s here to bathe me (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and I use them often as well for a variety of hygiene needs ... which means these towels are being laundered so often they’re starting to look a little threadbare. And so I ORDERED NEW TOWELS TODAY … one dozen in white from Amazon for only $14.99. I highly recommend these bar towels for all your household needs.

One dozen excellent “bar towels” from Amazon for only $14.99.

Know what? There are a few products here that I’ve never tried before, such as both cans from Chef Boyardee — Chili Mac and Mini Spaghetti Rings with Fetal Meatballs — and those Italian Ices from Wyler’s. Oh boy! I believe the Italian Ices are considerably larger than your ordinary Pop Ice thingies, with fabulous online reviews for the “Berry & Cherry” flavors. I’m also very excited about the Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes with Green Pepper, Celery and Onion, because I’m making plans for a couple of wonderful new senior citizen recipes that Sam can throw together for me in the microwave. (The first will appear in my next post … stay tuned!)

It’s already after 5 p.m. and I just wasted an entire day SLEEPING. Holy crap. I don’t know what the hell happened! Sam woke me this morning at 10 so I’d be able to take my morning meds, which I did, but I immediately conked out again and didn’t open my eyes until 3:30 this afternoon. What the fuck?!

For the last 90 minutes I’ve been trying to tweak this post so I could publish it right now, and I guess I’ve finally reached “now.” Thank you, therefore, for reading this, and I hope you’ll be able to remember the Alamo before dinner ... because I surely won’t.

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