Sunday, July 15, 2018

I definitely plan to get up on Monday or the muscles in my legs will atrophy.

You know your pain meds are excellent when you actually pass out while you’re live-blogging. And that’s exactly what happened to me last night! Seriously.

I ended yesterday’s post [read it here] abruptly because I had just taken my third helping of liquid Morphine in addition to 20mg of Norco and my second dose of extended release Morphine. Therefore: 1) my head started to pound; 2) I had double vision; 3) I felt nauseated; and 4) I couldn’t look at my laptop screen and had to shut down my computer (and end my Howdygram post) for the night. I OVERDOSED. And it got so bad that Sam turned off every light in the family room and let me fall asleep with a cold, wet rag slapped across my forehead. (That wet cloth actually felt good, though.)

And now let’s move along to Sunday morning, shall we?

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018, 11:53 A.M. It’s just a few minutes shy of 12 noon, and I’m relieved to report that I’m feeling just fine. Headache gone, nausea gone, no more double vision. As a matter of fact, Sam gave me the go-ahead to order something wonderful for lunch from China City, so … as soon as he wakes up from his nap I’ll decide what I want! I know a couple of appetizers for sure: Tofu Tempura and Steamed Dumplings. With a side order of hot chili sauce. I might also throw in an order of Ma Pao Tofu, which is a bunch of chopped-up soft tofu in a very hot and very spicy sauce with peas and carrots. Tofu is very easy to eat when you have no lower teeth, and it’s very tasty, too!

Today I’m watching The Quiet Man (1950) starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, which is one of Sam’s favorite “sleeping” movies. Unfortunately, although Sam sleeps through it, I’m still wide awake … and I’ve seen it so many times I can recite it verbatim. Frankly, I think I would’ve preferred an Andy Hardy movie. (We love Andy Hardy movies around here.)

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in “The Quiet Man.”

SUNDAY, 9:23 P.M. I just lost an entire day, but I have no idea what actually happened. I know I’ve been asleep, because I remember conking out at 3:30 in the afternoon (or thereabouts) and woke up shortly before 8 p.m. when my sister Robin called to ask the proverbial question: “Holy shit, you’re taking MORE MORPHINE?” I answered affirmatively, of course — assuming that she read yesterday’s bleak Howdygram post about my Live Blog Opioid Festival — and then listened to Robin’s thoughts on Coca Cola and the high cost of childrens’ toothbrushes. (She was calling from the grocery store. My sister leads an eventful life.)

Speaking of an eventful life … I’d like to share today’s dining options at Howdygram headquarters. For lunch I’ll refer you back to the top of this post because I ordered Tofu Tempura and Steamed Dumplings from China City. (I also ordered a nice big container of Ma Pao Tofu, which is in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.) More recently, though, I’d like to write about what I ate for dinner, because you’re dying to know and I’m dying to tell you! Therefore, dinner included: 1) a container of Hormel Compleats Chili with Beans on eight saltine crackers smooshed in a soup mug; 2) three very hot buttermilk biscuits fresh from the oven with fabulous melty margarine; and 3) one cut-up antibiotic tablet on a small mound of Cool Whip for dessert. Oh my God, right?

Some thoughts about that previous paragraph. Hormel Compleats Chili (#1) is just about the best ready-made chili I’ve ever had. It’s outstanding! Also, those buttermilk biscuits (#2) are Wal-Mart’s store brand, they’re frozen and they’re fabulous. And last but not least, in case you’re curious, item #3 — that antibiotic tablet — is trying to cure a rather nasty open sore behind my right ear. And I hope it works soon, because I’m having a rather difficult time. When a person such as yours truly wears trifocals and an oxygen cannula, there’s an awful lot of pressure on the back of that person’s ear! I’ll see my hospice R.N. later in the week to find out how I’m doing.

ENJOYING LOTS OF MUSICALS TONIGHT. As I begin this post (it’s 10:25 p.m.) I’m enjoying James Stewart’s only musical … Born to Dance (1936). He’s actually not bad, either … tap-dancing (see below) and even introducing Cole Porter’s hit song “Easy to Love.” And he’s surrounded by lots of fabulous talent, including Frances Langford, Buddy Ebsen, Eleanor Powell, Una Merkel and Sid Silvers. When it’s finished I want to watch the last half of A Song Is Born (1948) starring Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo ... and by then it should be time to shut down my laptop for the night, because: 1) Sam is already in bed; 2) there’s nobody around to bring me food; 3) I’m ready to watch my favorite “sleeping” movie, 1959’s Journey to the Center of the Earth starring James Mason and Pat Boone; and 4) I can’t think of anything else. For the record, Journey to the Center of the Earth wasn’t a musical. (However, Pat Boone gets to sing a stupid love song to Diane Baker near the beginning.)

Frances Langford, Buddy Ebsen, Eleanor Powell, James Stewart, Una Merkel and Sid Silvers.

A NEW WEEK BEGINS. I’ve got my hospice C.N.A. coming at 10 a.m. tomorrow for bathing and general hygiene (also on Wednesday and Friday), and I always look forward to seeing her. Tomorrow I think I’ll relocate to the bench before she gets here. Bathing always seems a little easier to me if I’m sitting up, although it sure doesn’t seem easier for poor Letitia when she has to crawl around on the floor shmearing cream on my feet.

WERE ALL HOOKED UP NOW. Sam connected all three of our family room lamps on one remote control device tonight. Woo-hoo! It actually took about five minutes altogether. You just plug each lamp into an outlet gadget … and that’s all there is to it. Lamp #1 is on a fancy western-style table (think Ponderosa) in the back foyer, lamp #2 is on a round table next to the sofa, and lamp #3 is a large floor lamp near the fireplace. I’m telling you all this in case you come over and have to figure out which buttons to press on the remote. (You’re welcome.) For your possible interest, this remote can actually control up to five different devices, and I can buy additional outlet plugs from Amazon if I want to.

Our clever new remote control hoo-hah from Amazon.

It’s almost 2:30 a.m., I’m still wide awake, and I wonder how long I can continue typing. My MACBOOK LAPTOP IS DOWN TO 40% POWER. I’ll estimate approximately 90 minutes ... although I just Googled about this and saw an estimate for three hours. (Trust me, I won’t be awake three hours from now!)

I didn’t get up off the chaise on Sunday, but I DEFINITELY PLAN TO GET UP ON MONDAY or the muscles in my legs will atrophy. Also, I’ve got several design projects to finish for The Howdygram Store and four important emails to write (Bobby, Jeanette, Sandi and Mary). Actually, if I finish up this Howdygram post within the next 30 minutes I might be able to squeeze in a couple of those emails before I fall asleep!

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for remembering the Alamo even though it’s highly overrated. (It looks exactly the same as it does in the movies, though.)

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