Friday, May 11, 2018

Don’t miss it … an Andy Hardy movie marathon starts Tuesday night on TCM!

FRIDAY, 6:45 A.M. It’s the crack of dawn here in north Texas and Sam is out for his morning walk at Samuell Park in south Mesquite. As for me, I just finished a juicy breakfast croissant and wrote an email response to the office manager (Kendall) at Elite Mobile Dental.

It was a great response, by the way. A genuine masterpiece. I started out by agreeing with him, and asking him to bring back the lower denture I rejected a couple of days ago so I can give it another try … this time with a variety of different adhesives. And then I placed an order with Wal-Mart for Fix-O-Dent powder adhesive and and Sea Bond adhesive pads. I also responded to several of the points in Kendall’s email. For instance, he apparently seems to think: 1) that I was wasting his staff’s time by requesting early or late after-hours appointments, which is ridiculous, because I’m housebound … why the hell would I need to see a dentist after-hours? and 2) that I made up my mind months ago that I really didn’t want a lower denture at all. Jesus, is he kidding?!

FRIDAY, 8:58 P.M. Sam is conked-out at the moment and I’m watching an early talkie horror movie, The Thirteenth Chair (1929) starring Leila Hyams, Bela Lugosi and Conrad Nagel. Sadly, I think I might have to stop viewing this gem ahead of schedule due to an inordinate amount of SCREAMING, which is totally getting on my nerves. The Thirteenth Chair is about a séance, and there’s a steady stream of stabbed dead bodies and blood-curdling screams in every scene. Enough already!

Leila Hyams and Bela Lugosi in “The Thirteenth Chair.”

Incidentally, beginning Tuesday evening on Turner Classic Movies there’s an ANDY HARDY MARATHON through mid-day on Wednesday … 15 hilarious movies featuring Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone, all made between 1937 through 1942. Sam and I love the Andy Hardy movies, and it’s my plan to store all of them on our DVR. I think there’s only one I’m not crazy about, though, and it’s Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938) co-starring Judy Garland. It’s pretty obvious that MGM is trying to shove Judy down our throats as a potential future star, but here she’s still a chunky, awkward, flat-chested kid who repeatedly says, “I can sing! Want to hear me sing?” at least 15 times in 90 minutes.

Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney and Fay Holden as the Hardy family.

I’m almost ready for my bedtime insulin and a handful of drugs, but tonight I’ll take it one step further … I want a bowl of the Cape Cod chicken salad that Sam bought this morning at Costco! I’ve had a craving ALL DAY for this stuff, so I hope I’ll be able to pester Sam for some when I’m finally ready to lie down on the chaise.

That being said … GOOD NIGHT, people!

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