Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hey ... did you miss me?

I apologize sincerely if you’ve been hanging out in cyberspace, depressed, despondent and desperately waiting for my next Howdygram post. The fact is, I got caught up in a variety of other activities that required my attention but didn’t involve typing, which I’ll list for you below in neat, subtitled paragraphs. (I have a fondness for neat, subtitled paragraphs.) Thank you.

SAM WAS SICK AND I DIDN’T FEEL SO HOT, EITHER. Whatever the hell it was that made him home from work early on Friday with chills and a fever — a virus? an infection? bubonic plague? [see this post, last paragraph] — is still hanging out in his adorable body, because every night at bedtime he’s feverish again and every morning he wakes up clammy and not very happy. Sam is self-medicating with Motrin and instant oatmeal. In my case, I’ve been struggling with severe pain in my left foot (from diabetic neuropathy) and taking extra drugs when nobody’s looking.

I’VE BEEN LOVING MY RETIREMENT. For the last few days this has included: 1) eating peanut butter out of the jar at my desk with a plastic teaspoon; 2) lying down whenever I want to; 3) watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and three “Columbo” reruns in a row; and 4) I’m eating a box of sugar-free fried pies all for myself. Sam bought them for me on Sunday at Fuel City, Mesquite’s classiest truck stop.

I’VE BEEN CREATING FABULOUS NEW CRAP FOR THE HOWDYGRAM STORE. My two most popular products — i.e., the products that earn me the most royalties — are smartphone cases and bridal shower guest books, so I decided to expand my bridal shower guest book designs because I already have enough smartphone cases to choke a proverbial horse. (Like, more than 100.) Therefore, here are two examples of my latest bridal shower notebooks. The one on the left showcases several of the hottest wedding trends, such as rustic wood, string lights and a mason jar stuffed with flowers. Yee-haw! The notebook on the right is more traditional.
I’m also working on designs for more new products ... including Thermal Tumblers, All-Over Print Tote Bags and Night Lights! I designed the following tumbler for myself yesterday. Oy, is this cute, or what?
I’VE BEEN EXPANDING MY COLLECTION OF FREE FONTS. I’ve always believed that the best fonts in life are FREE, which explains why I have more than 2,000 installed on my iMac. Quite a few of these are absolutely exquisite. My latest acquisitions appear below for your possible interest. Please note that “Aspira” actually includes 112 weights and styles! Also ... “Grenson” and “Wayke” are included in a mini-bundle with “Outfitter Script,” and “The Moment” and “Cassiopea” are part of a large 32-font bundle (you might like the other 30 more than I did). I’ll include download links after the graphic in case you want any or all of the following fonts for yourself.

I’VE BEEN EXPANDING MY LIBRARY OF CHEAP YET LOVELY DIGITAL BACKGROUNDS. First I bought two high-resolution digital clip-art collections of floral bouquets from Etsy.
And then I bought a collection of seamless, hand-drawn garden-inspired digital backgrounds in pink, aqua and gray. I LOVE THESE!

I have lots more to write about but I’m starting to have pain issues again and need to take drugs and lie down for a while. DRUGS ARE GOOD! Thank you for reading this. I’ll do my best to be back later, okay?

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