Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shut up and deal with it.

It’s amazing how much I don’t feeling like writing a Howdygram post when I’m dealing with physical pain. I apologize if I whine, but there are times I can’t help myself so you’ll just have to SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT. This morning, for instance, I’ve got stinging and burning skin issues on the back of my thighs that never seems to end unless I lie down on the chaise in the family room or find a comfortable position in bed. Otherwise it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. I apologize if you’re sick of hearing about this. (Seriously.)

And now ... probably the best equivalent for passing gun control legislation that I’ve ever read. Raise your hand if you agree with me!
And then maybe we wouldn’t have to look at THIS shit any more:

Have any of you ever seen the 1960 Bob Hope/Lucille Ball movie The Facts of Life? No kidding, people, it’s a terrific story with a smart plot and great dialog, and I think Bob and Lucy are at their best. And that’s saying a LOT. So here’s the basic story.

Bob and Lucy are happily married to other people in a small circle of friends (three couples) who always vacation together. A planned trip to Acapulco goes kablooey when Lucy’s husband can’t leave with the group at the last minute due to a business emergency and Bob’s wife decides to stay home with a sick child. Once they get to Acapulco that third couple gets Montezuma’s revenge on day one, leaving Bob and Lucy on their own together to discover how much they’re attracted to each other. The chemistry is adorable as they half-heartedly try to avoid an affair. They manage to flirt around the inevitable in Acapulco; the fireworks start after they get home, culminating in a failed romantic getaway at a remote cabin in the mountains.
What I love about The Facts of Life is, it’s not just your routine 1960s romantic comedy. It definitely hits on adult subjects, such as the genuine angst when friends discover they wish there could be “more.” You need to see this movie. Come to think of it, I didn’t erase it last night from our DVR so why don’t you drop in for a few snacks this afternoon and I’ll be glad to watch it again. I’ve got Pop Secret!

FYI, others in the cast include Don DeFore as Lucy’s husband, Ruth Hussey as Bob’s wife, and Louis Nye as a nosy neighbor named “Ham.”

Thank you for reading this!

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