Sunday, October 11, 2015

A closer look at Dr. Ben Carson ... neurosurgeon, presidential candidate and putz.

Oy, I did something really, really dumb. I accidentally took two 10 mg Norco tablets a little while ago, and now I’m drifting into a dense, hopeless fog of pea soup and peanut butter. I would “live blog” this descent into a Saturday night drug-induced coma but I’m afraid I’ll stop typing mid-sentence and scare everybody half to death. Holy shit, I feel weird.

And now for something completely different!

Give up? FLATWARE! I’d been shopping for new 18/10 stainless since a couple of weeks before Sam went to California last month but had a few problems finding what I wanted. My list of “mandatories” included: 1) 18/10 quality so it won’t look like a scrap metal after two runs through the dishwasher; 2) ridiculously round tablespoons and teaspoons; 3) service for 12 at a decent price so we don’t have to wash dishes too often; and 4) handles wide enough to not fall through the flatware rack in the dishwasher. Glorioski ... check out the wonderful flatware I ordered tonight from Kohl’s.
In case you’re interested, Kohl’s has a juicy Columbus Day hoo-hah going on right now and they’re selling this lovely set of Mikasa “Blume” 18/10 flatware on clearance at $36 (originally $90) for 20 pieces. I ordered three sets, used a coupon for 20% off my entire order and wound up with service for 12 for only $86.40 with free shipping. THAT’S A REALLY SWELL DEAL, PEOPLE. Amazon sells the same set for $59.20 and Bed, Bath & Beyond has it for $59.99.

As soon as my new flatware arrives you’re all invited to come over two at a time to look at it in my silverware drawer.

As putzes go, Dr. Ben Carson has to be one of the biggest. A brilliant neurosurgeon who’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, it’s hard to believe that everything out of Carson’s mouth is total bullshit, he lies like a psychotic five-year-old, and he has no grasp of politics, government or reality in any way whatsoever. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?
Carson blames the victims in school shootings, insisting if he was ever up against a mass shooter he wouldn’t “cooperate” or just “let” himself get shot. Here’s a little sample, complete with that awkward, psychopathic giggle that’s also getting attention.

As for Carson’s more bizarre views on gun control, he also recently stated that guns in kindergartens is a terrific idea. And THIS:
While touring the facilities at Victory Junction, a camp for kids with severe illnesses and disabilities founded by Richard Petty, this is how Carson reacted: “It’s almost worth having a handicap just so you can come here.” (Weird psychopathic giggle.)

This asswipe also believes homosexuality is a choice because prison turns straight men into gays, claims there’s no Republican “war on women” — only on their babies! — and at a recent press conference quoted a Bible verse from Proverbs about humility to boast that he’s more humble than Donald Trump. Seriously ... boasting about humility?!
But wait ... there’s more! First, a couple of frightening quotes.

“Obamacare is the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.” This stupid fucker seriously thinks that affordable health insurance for 17 million Americans is worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor?

“Abortion is another form of human sacrifice.” Holy shit. Is somebody throwing fetuses into volcanoes?

And now, of course, here’s Ben Carson displaying his total ignorance of basic constitutional government as a CNN interviewer grills him about raising the debt limit. For the record, voting to raise the debt limit means that Congress will have the funds it needs to pay the government’s bills FOR DEBTS INCURRED IN THE PAST. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the deficit and nothing whatsoever to do with increasing the budget. Ben Carson clearly hasn’t got a fucking clue. Watch:


Before I sign off and go to bed I’d like to post the following photo of Sam’s cousin Hayden, who’s a freshman at West Point. I love those toy soldier uniforms, don’t you?
Shalom from Texas and nighty-night!

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