Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebrate your infirmities with the nice folks at Amazon.

Yo, earlybirds. It’s 7 a.m. Monday, Sam is asleep and I’m hard at work in the study, purposefully pondering a pip of a pre-dawn purchase from Amazon. (See what I did there?) In summary, I’m considering a two-button fold-up walker with front wheels, a handy-dandy walker basket and a quad-tip cane, all manufactured by Medline and pictured below for your possible interest. I’m EXCITED about this. There must be something wrong with me.
Another purchase worth noting ... I ordered another new lamp for the study (Sam returned the last one to our local Kirkland’s store on Saturday; read yesterday’s post for complete, uncut details), this time from Lamps Plus! It’s a 22-inch high THREE-WAY TOUCH LAMP that uses an ordinary 60-watt bulb. It has a linen shade and hand-rubbed bronze base and only cost $34.99 with FREE SHIPPING. God, I love free shipping. I love it more than braunschweiger!
Touch lamps are really swell. We have a matched pair in the master bedroom on either end of my dresser that I bought at Kirkland’s a few years ago. I can turn one on at the 25-watt setting (one tap) in the middle of the night silently — I hate to wake Sam! — if I’m dizzy and need a little soft light to help me maneuver to the bathroom so I won’t pee on the carpet. (I love being old.) The two-tap setting (40 watts) is more than enough for making the bed. I only use the three-tap setting if Sam’s socks are hiding.

Incidentally, the Howdygram would like to recommend Lamps Plus’ website. Not only do they sell a hemorrhage-inducing array of beautiful and affordable lighting, they also carry unbeatable home decor, accent furniture and decorative doodads. There are three Lamps Plus retail stores here in the Dallas area, and when we first moved here in 2007 that’s where I bought the gorgeous table lamps in our living room (see below) and a pair of tall matching candlesticks. The lamps and candlesticks are made of wood and REAL MARBLE from a real marble mine!
I’m seriously considering a new bench for the master bedroom at the foot of the bed due to the faux leather seat on our current bench — a very large bargain from Amazon about five years ago — is starting to look strangely beat-up. Therefore, here are the two exciting bench contenders that I found this morning on Lamps Plus’ website. (The red one also comes in ivory and dark brown. I’m prettty sure I want red.)

Anything exciting on your agenda for today? Mine’s a blank slate except for two entries: 1) take a nice hot shower; and 2) talk Sam into going to Costco. If I work at this real hard I could probably finish both projects within the next 20 minutes and still have time leftover for lunch and dinner, two naps, a few movies and a second Howdygram post. I’m also waiting to hear back from a seller on eBay [see yesterday’s post] about a freak shopping cart error but I’m trying very hard not to think about this.

Time for that shower now. Thank you.

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