Saturday, March 21, 2015

Home-delivered Buffalo wings are a very big hoo-hah indeed.

I was just jolted awake from a really nice Saturday afternoon nap on the chaise in the family room even though I’m still really tired. This has been happening to me almost every day for the last few weeks. It seems that I’ve got a “dying” nerve in my right hip — an issue that’s related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy — and it radiates down the outside of my thigh AND HURTS LIKE HELL. The pain starts about 90 minutes into my nap and wakes me up almost immediately like getting slapped across the face. Sometimes it goes away if I shift positions a little, but usually I just have to wake up and get my ass off the chaise. Holy shit, right? NOW IT EVEN HURTS TO TAKE A NAP.

A few days ago Pizza Hut sent me a St. Patrick’s Day promotional email with a lucky shamrock deal for 50% off any online order by March 23, so last night instead of just ordering our favorite pizza I decided to throw in a box of boneless Buffalo wings because they sounded very tasty and I was hungry. Plus HALF PRICE!
I hadn’t eaten boneless wings since Sam and I used to buy them by the pound from our local Ralphs supermarket deli case when we lived in southern California. We were ADDICTED to the damn things ... AND PIZZA HUT’S TASTE EXACTLY THE SAME! Technically, however, we shouldn’t refer to them as “wings” because they’re just nice juicy lumps of chicken white meat with a spicy Buffalo coating. Pizza Hut sells an order of eight lumps for $6.50 or 16 lumps for $11.25.

Although I’m sure there are wing restaurants in the area that probably do a better job with boneless chicken lumps like these, Pizza Hut has one huge and clear advantage: THEY DELIVER. And speaking as a housebound senior citizen who frequently gets a little bored with the same old dreck, home-delivered Buffalo wings are a very big hoo-hah indeed.

One final thought before I try to find somewhere comfortable to lie down for a while. I DOWNLOADED SOME NEW FONTS TODAY! Mostly these are extra styles of a font I use all the time — Neutra — such as Demi Bold, Demi Bold Italic, Demi Bold Alternates, Demi Bold Small Caps, and so on, plus two fonts — La Babaca and Morbida — that have nothing to do with Neutra whatsoever. I love them all desperately! Incidentally, these were totally free downloads so please let me know if you want me to email any or all of these files to you. (You’re welcome.)
 Thank you. Don’t forget to floss.

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