Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wonderful news! My echocardiogram this morning indicated zero blood clots and no heart damage.

This has been a weird, exhilarating and extraordinarily productive day that included all of the following activities.
  1. An echocardiogram, an EKG and a very pleasant consultation at Dr. Singh’s office in Rockwall.
  2. Almost getting pushed off a cliff in my wheelchair when Sam misjudged the location of the handicapped ramp.
  3. Hysterically breaking both wheelchair foot rest pedals during number two, above.
  4. Selecting a nice replacement wheelchair from All Time Medical with free shipping.
  5. Beginning a new, increased dose of Metoprolol at lunch time resulting in an afternoon nap of historic proportions. If I could sleep like this AT NIGHT I’d be the happiest old lady on earth.
  6. Placing several thoroughly thrilling orders with Amazon.
For your possible interest the aforementioned Amazon orders were as follows: 1) jumbo canisters of McCormick Premium Gravy in Brown and Intensely Yellow flavors; 2) very large bags of tasty orange crunchy crap; 3) three eight-packs of Coke Zero in 12-oz. bottles for the mini fridge in the study; and 4) a fingertip pulse oximeter thing with AAA batteries because Dr. Singh wants me to call in with my heart rate at least twice a week.
Here’s the lowdown on my appointment this morning with the cardiologist in case you give a crap. First, my heart rate from atrial fibrillation is still way too high (118) so Dr. Singh doubled my dose of Metoprolol and told me to check my heart rate at home and call his office with the number a couple of times a week so he can see if it’s coming down. (Now you know why I bought that fingertip pulse monitor.) Second, I’ll start taking Coumadin tomorrow as soon as Sam picks up my prescription at Wal-Mart, and on Friday I have to go to the clinic here in Mesquite for a blood test to see if it’s working yet. And third and finally, my echocardiogram this morning indicated ZERO BLOOD CLOTS and NO HEART DAMAGE, which is wonderful news that might require Chinese food and a lot of Pop Secret for dinner. And soon, because it’s already after 7 p.m. and I’m starving.

Thank you for reading this.

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