Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At last, I have a new and exciting medical condition!

Let’s talk about getting kicked in the shins, okay? This morning’s appointment with Dr. M lasted THREE FUCKING HOURS and included a lot of waiting, lab work, more waiting, a flu shot, more waiting, an EKG, more waiting, a consultation with the cardiologist (Dr. Singh) and the diagnosis, at last, of a new and exciting medical condition — ATRIAL FIBRILLATION — that we’ll begin treating immediately with two new drugs, Coumadin and Metoprolol so I won’t have a stroke and scare the shit out of Sam. This is in addition to another medication that Dr. M prescribed — Gabapentin — to help relieve my never-ending pain from diabetic neuropathy. Regarding follow-up, in two weeks I have to see Dr. Singh at his office in Rockwall for an echocardiogram, so I guess this means I officially have a cardiologist now. (Personally, I’d rather have a new TV.) Holy crap.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Singh actually wants me to take Eliquis instead of Coumadin, but Blue Cross says the co-pay for Eliquis is $150 a month so they (and Bristol-Myers-Squibb) can go straight to hell.

There isn’t much else to report tonight except that I haven’t slept for a really, really long time (Tuesday afternoon, I think), so I’m either desperately over-tired or functioning in a parallel universe. I had a couple of stupid half-hour naps earlier today that did nothing whatsoever. In a word, I’M TOTALLY EXHAUSTED. (Okay, two words and a contraction.) As soon as I finish this post it’s my plan to take a nice hot shower and join Sam in the family room.

Thank you for reading this.

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