Saturday, July 26, 2014

Let’s all donate to the Detroit Water Project.

Sam is asleep and I’m NOT, mostly because I’m thirsty and not very tired, so I thought I’d hang out in the study for a while to be near the Howdygram.

Show of hands. Have you heard about the water shutoffs in Detroit? The city’s cash-starved municipal water authority has been involved in a widespread disconnect of water service for residents who can’t pay their past-due bills, an act that’s being branded as extreme and inhumane throughout the United States and abroad.
But hey, all is not lost! There’s a terrific new website — created by a couple of concerned women in Boston and North Carolina — called that matches needy Detroit residents with donors who volunteer to pay all or part of their past-due water bill. Since the site launched on Friday they’ve collected $15,000 from 2,000 donors as far away as the United Kingdom. ANY SIZE CONTRIBUTION IS ACCEPTED and the Howdygram thinks it would be swell for all of us to jump in and help as soon as possible. Just use the link below. Thank you.

And now for another report from the Howdygram’s I’ll Bet I Get Better Email Than You Do department. On Friday my inbox included:
  • Summer specials from American Diabetes Wholesale and Total Diabetes Supply in case you’re running low on stabby needles, glucose test strips or therapeutic socks.
  • Don’t forget National Mustard Day on August 2, courtesy of the Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin.
  • My Wal-Mart order has shipped.
  • Three separate emails announcing a new infrastructure initiative from the White House featuring cute videos of Joe Biden.
  • There’s a big summer clearance at Macy’s on all the weird crap they couldn’t sell in April.
  • Save 15% on ink cartridges and photo paper at (Please note that practically everything on Epson’s website is cheaper from Amazon, even when it’s on sale.)
  • First Option Medical has an exciting new points program. This is certainly good to know in case I need incontinence underpants or exam gloves.
  • Blambot has two new comic book fonts: Full Bleed and Beelzebrush. (I don’t especially like either one of them.)
  • Pizza Hut thinks I should buy more pizza.

Thank you for reading this. I have to go to bed now, okay?

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