Saturday, June 21, 2014

With iced tea spoons the possibilities are endless.

So here’s the thing, okay? It’s 11:30 Saturday night, I’m refreshed and completely wide awake after two — TWO! — very intense extended naps, I’m really hungry and I think I want a nice leisurely shower. That’s a substantial agenda at this hour of the night, isn’t it? I think I’ll kick things off, however, with a quick Howdygram post because why the hell not and there’s nobody here to stop me.

Before I forget, here’s a brand new photo of my niece Allison with her husband and little boy (age 2½) vacationing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina with (not pictured) 19 members of Greg’s family. They all live in the Atlanta area.
Just in case you haven’t been following my Howdygram posts for the last several days, SAM AND I HAVE NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES. I’m not going to post them here in the Howdygram due to spam so please use the Howdygram’s contact form instead and I’ll send them to you. Gracias.

Know what I haven’t done this week while Sam’s been in California? I HAVEN’T ORDERED ANYTHING ONLINE! Nothing whatsoever except for a really cheap set of eight iced tea spoons from Amazon for $6.99 that will probably ship tomorrow. I’m strangely excited about this purchase because I’ve been wanting iced tea spoons for YEARS. Not only are they wonderful for iced tea, you can also use them to stir Stevita sugar-free imitation cherry Kool-Aid powder into a tall Marcytini, coax green olives out of a narrow jar and look like an idiot eating cereal. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait.
Thank y’all for reading this. It’s time to get on with the rest of my late-night agenda!

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