Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curly, Moe and Larry. Highly-skilled technical support for the 21st century.

Remember my ongoing email shitshow? (In case you don’t, click here.) For 129 consecutive minutes this evening I was glued to the phone with Curly, Moe and Larry technical support at Network Solutions and finally reached an important conclusion: THEY’RE EVERY BIT AS STUPID AS WEB.COM.

It seems that “migrating” email from one host’s server to another host’s server is something like Ray Charles trying to thread a needle. Even though my email accounts at Network Solutions are set up and ready to go and I apparently can send email with no problem, it’s the receiving part that’s got everybody flummoxed. Since yesterday morning all my incoming email has been clogged in my old Web.com webmail inbox instead of forwarding to Network Solutions, and it took the Stooges two solid hours to figure it out tonight while my bladder had a heart attack. Unfortunately, NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM ... so Curly transferred me to Moe who transferred me to Larry who transferred me to Curly who transferred me to Moe ... (you get my drift).

 Stay tuned for additional developments but please feel free to continue your normal routine in the meantime. And ... spread out, porcupine!

Want some great news for a change? I AM FINALLY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RETIRED. As of 10:45 this morning my last two clients signed their account transfer agreements with Web.com and I no longer have any responsibility whatsoever for anybody’s websites, email accounts, content updates, technical support issues, late hosting payments or annoying drama. This is so damn exciting I can hardly stand it! Please send an email as soon as possible if you don’t agree that Vienna sausages are the perfect Tuesday night retirement snack. Thank you.

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