Monday, May 18, 2015

Jeb Bush believes that a tolerant country should make room for people of faith to discriminate. WTF?

It’s 9:45 Monday night and I haven’t had dinner yet. While this is probably no big deal to YOU in any way whatsoever, for me it’s a life-changing milestone that helps me adjust my eating pattern to lose some weight and spend less time hanging out near the kitchen. Mainly I wait for Sam to get home from work at 11:15 and let him nuke something fabulous for me on a paper plate. It’s like having my own personal chef!

I’d like to begin with our latest Putz of the Week! It’s none other than Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and kid brother of George Dubya, who commented Saturday in a sit-down interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that a “tolerant country” should make room for people of faith to discriminate against others. He’s positive that Jesus would like it.
Speaking with host David Brody, the former Florida governor said, “It’s not just that people of faith can have their views, it’s that they need the space to act on their conscience. That is what faith is about.” Then Bush defended the rights of bigoted Bible-beaters to deny “services” to anybody whose lifestyles they oppose and used as an example the Washington florist who was fined for refusing to make centerpieces for a gay customer’s wedding reception. Because apparently arranging a bowl of daisies is exactly the same as buttsex.
Sorry, but, I refuse to agree that people who claim “sincerely held religious beliefs” have any special rights to ignore the law. We’ve been tolerating these assholes far too long and I’m fucking sick of them already. ENOUGH.

The 2016 Republican Clown Car continues to lurch forward. This time I’ve got a video clip of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) doing his best one-man impression of Abbott & Costello’s classic “Who’s on First” comedy routine while he self-destructs during an interview on Fox News Sunday about the Iraq war. Chris Wallace tossed the ball to Rubio with the standard “if you knew then what we know now” question about invading Iraq, and the arrogant little jackass managed to sneak “it was not a mistake” into the response at least six times in three minutes.

From a sheer political perspective, Rubio’s decision to stay married to “based on the information at the time” at all costs was unforgivably stupid, especially given what just happened to his Florida homeboy (Jeb Bush) last week on exactly the same subject. They don’t call it a “clown car” for nothing, right?

And finally ... I’ve got a terrific new senior citizen recipe to share with y’all. It’s a speedy and very easy Southern-inspired entree that you can throw together in less than five minutes. Here’s everything you need to make TASTY NUKED NUGGETS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS WITH COUNTRY GRAVY AND PATHETIC KNEES: 1) a nice portion of Schwan’s frozen chicken nuggets; 2) about 1½ cups of cooked Ciao Carb pasta rice; and 3) McCormick instant country gravy.
Place 10 to 12 chicken nuggets on a paper towel-lined microwave-safe plate in a single layer and nuke for two minutes on high. On a separate dinner plate heat the pasta rice for two minutes. Toss the chicken nuggets on top.

Meanwhile, nuke 8 oz. of water in a glass measuring cup until it starts to bubble and stir in three or four tablespoons of McCormick instant country gravy until it’s nice and thick. (The Howdygram recommends using a teeny wire whisk from Amazon.) Pour the gravy over the nuggets and pasta rice. That’s it!

I think you should go eat something now and watch a movie. Thank you for reading this.

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