Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shocking news from Howdygram headquarters.

Prepare yourself for an earth-shaking announcement, people: I’VE LOST MY TASTE FOR SUGAR-FREE RUSSELL STOVER MARSHMALLOW EASTER EGGS. I think maybe I overdid the marshmallow Santa thing at Christmas because right now I’ve got a case of Easter eggs sitting on my desk and can’t even get inspired to open the damn box. (I’m renewing my interest in cookies.)

It’s 9:50 Wednesday morning and Sam is on his way to Wal-Mart as I write this post, armed with a short list of essential groceries that includes: 1) teeny 12-oz. bottles of Coke Zero for the mini fridge in the study; 2) Oscar Mayer pickle & pimiento loaf; 3) a package of Sargento sliced pepper jack cheese; 4) Bird’s Eye frozen recipe-ready chopped onions, the senior citizen’s DREAM FOOD; and 5) a box of fluffy Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit sandwiches because I just ran out of Schwan’s and these are the next-best thing until I can order more next week.

The entire day got away from me. It’s 10:45 p.m. now and I am recovering from two mega-naps in the family room totaling NINE AND A HALF HOURS. I haven’t eaten, I’m late with my meds and I have to publish this post IMMEDIATELY so I can move on with my life. Thank you for putting up with me.

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