Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sam will probably work from home again today. I love it when he works from home.

We’ve got a real smorgasbord of shit weather in the forecast today, starting with ZERO VISIBILITY FOG (right now through 7 a.m.) followed by SHOWERS (6 through 9 a.m.), HEAVY RAIN WITH A HIGH TEMPERATURE OF 54° (all damn day until 3 p.m.), HEAVY RAIN AND WIND WITH FALLING TEMPERATURES (3 until 6 p.m.) and then an entire night of SLEET, WIND, FREEZING RAIN, OBNOXIOUS LITTLE ICE PELLETS AND SNOW. The overnight low will eventually dip to 25°. The only plus is that Sam will probably work from home again today and I love it when he works from home! The following Pete Delkus screen grab provides all the information you will ever need for any reason whatsoever. The teeny red star denotes Howdygram headquarters.
The bottom line? This kind of weather is a huge deal in north Texas because we don’t use road salt, nothing gets plowed, all the local yahoos drive like maniacs in pickup trucks and the entire city slams shut if you mention the word “ice.” I’m okay with all of this because I never leave the house, anyway. I stay home in a stretchy bathrobe and watch “People’s Court.”

Oy, I have to get the hell away from my desk now and go to bed because my toes hurt and I can’t keep my eyes open. It’s always something, isn’t it?

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