Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drugs are good.

Shalom, how’s the family and happy Saturday night from your pals at Howdygram headquarters! Sam is sleeping through Gandhi (1982) starring Ben Kingsley and a cast of billions and I’m trying to decide if I have enough energy or motivation to shlep myself back into the kitchen to reheat some leftover Chinese food from dinner. I’ve got a quart of hot & sour soup, crunchy things in little white bags, full containers of Hunan Shrimp and Orange Shrimp, two egg rolls rolled up in wax paper and a teeny cup of hot mustard. I’m definitely hungry right now, except it’s 2:15 a.m. and probably not the best time of day (night?) for a major food hoo-hah. Maybe I’ll save it all for breakfast instead and just enjoy a couple of sugar-free Russell Stover marshmallow Easter eggs.

I would like to share the following video clip that apparently was produced as a backlash to Indiana’s repulsive new “religious freedom” law. ALL OF US NEED TO BOYCOTT INDIANA IMMEDIATELY because nobody should be allowed to legislate this kind of insane hatred. Thank you very much.

My order from was delivered this morning and no kidding, people, I’M IN LOVE WITH ALL MY NEW PERFUMES! I bought bottles of Jessica McClintock and Cool Water Sea Rose Coral Reef, plus Jessica McClintock, White Shoulders and Euphoria Spring Temptation roll-on knockoff designer fragrance oils. Everything is COMPLETELY AWESOME. I’m especially excited about Cool Water Sea Rose Coral Reef because the scent reminds me of a heavenly combination of exotic flowers and grape Pez. It’s gorgeous!

I’m feeling exceptionally buzzed from my last dose of Hydrocodone — about an hour ago, I think — so maybe I’d better hit the sack while I can still stand up and haul myself into the bedroom. Drugs are good.

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