Thursday, December 18, 2014

Low blood sugar makes me feel inebriated and I write really strange Howdygram posts this way.

Hi, people. How the hell are you? It’s 5 in the afternoon and my blood sugar is way too low again, but I figure I’ll just ride with it for a while because low blood sugar makes me feel inebriated and I write really strange Howdygram posts this way. So sit back and enjoy the show before I have to shlep into the kitchen to make dinner.

In case you’re interested, tonight’s evening meal will be Marcy’s One-Pot Asian Food Feast for Senior Citizens, which is basically just a really nice bag of Bear Creek Hot & Sour soup mix with two very fast and very easy add-ins that don’t require standing up for more than a couple of minutes in case you’re mobility-challenged like yours truly. The end result, of course, is a gorgeous pot of soup that’s enough for any or all of the following mealtime scenarios: 1) two huge bowls and one teeny bowl; 2) one huge bowl and one GIGANTIC bowl; 3) three medium bowls and two teeny bowls; 4) four medium bowls; or 5) all of a sudden I think I’m too loopy to cook in this condition (low blood sugar) so I might have to order my dinner from King China. I’m considering Orange Shrimp and a tub of Szechwan Eggplant.

I placed a big juicy order this morning with Amazon’s Prime Pantry that included all of the excellent products detailed in yesterday’s Howdygram post plus two boxes of blueberry Clif bars for Sam, two cans of sour cream & onion Pringles and a box of Cheez-Its. (Don’t yell at me. I was really hungry at the time.) I also ordered a package of Avery shipping labels because Amazon has such amazing prices on shit like this. (I paid $5.99.)

Show of hands. Have you ever seen Charles Dickens’ classic David Copperfield (1935) starring Freddie Bartholomew? I watched it all the way through non-stop yesterday for the very first time and it was PERFECTION. The cast was an MGM masterpiece with Edna May Oliver as Aunt Betsey, Roland Young as creepy little Uriah Heep, Lewis Stone as Mr. Wickfield, W. C. Fields as Micawber and Basil Rathbone with evil eyebrows as Mr. Murdstone. I might have to buy this movie on DVD for future spur-of-the-moment viewings because that’s how much I loved it.
Others in the cast include Jessie Ralph (Nurse Peggotty), Lionel Barrymore (Peggoty’s brother), Frank Lawton (adult David), Maureen O’Sullivan (dopey Dora), Elizabeth Allan (David’s mother), Elsa Lanchester (Clickett), Madge Evans (Agnes), Lenox Pawle (Mr. Dick) and Arthur Treacher (uncredited as Donkey Man).

I suggest that you read the book first — only five bucks from Amazon — and then see the movie to appreciate what an amazing job MGM did with this.

Thank you and have a pleasant evening. I have to eat a lot of food now.

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