Saturday, June 21, 2014

Please support a Constitutional Amendment to end Citizens United. It’s the right thing to do.

Hi, people. It’s me, and I’m back to ask your help with a political issue. I think we need to push HARD for an end to Citizens United, the disastrous case decided in 2010 by the Supreme Court stating that the free speech protection of the First Amendment ALSO APPLIES TO UNLIMITED CORPORATE POLITICAL DONATIONS. Billionaires like the self-serving right-wing Koch Brothers, who were founding members of the John Birch Society, continue to buy influence, power, candidates, entire districts and elections. So I’m on my soap box again, and I think you should sign the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s petition for a Constitutional Amendment to put an end to the Koch Brothers’ horseshit. We need to send a message that MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH.
In case you need a little background, unregulated corporate spending on political candidates:
  • creates a legal money-laundering scheme through anonymous Super PACs
  • distorts the concept and function of democracy
  • establishes a shocking pattern of Supreme Court-supported corruption
  • drowns out the voices of American citizens
Thank you for putting up with me. Just don’t forget to SIGN THE PETITION, okay?

It’s 5:15 Saturday afternoon and I’m at loose ends after a four-hour nap that pretty much left me dazed, confused, hungry, crabby, kvetchy and bored. I have a hunch I might be able to fix all of these issues simultaneously with a good movie and tons of food, so that’s what’s next on my agenda as soon as I finish writing this post. Talking to Sam on Face Time would be swell, too, although I think he’s en route right now from Ventura to Sherman Oaks to spend the rest of the day with my mother-in-law [check out the map in my previous post]. Maybe later, right?

Thank you for reading this!

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