Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pain, cramps rashes and miscellaneous bullshit.

It’s been a while since my last comprehensive kvetch report, so pour yourself a nice tall whatever with plenty of ice and get comfortable. I’ll begin with a statement of fact: MY ENTIRE BODY HURTS. Symptoms and general complaints follow.

MY FEET. I’ve got a major flare-up of plantar fasciitis in both heels that feels like I’m walking on broken glass and “electric shock” stabbing pains from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Just for the hell of it I also smashed my little toe into the bathroom door.

MY CALVES AND SHINS. The muscle pain, cramps and and fatigue are so excruciating tonight that I couldn’t stand at the stove long enough to scramble a couple of eggs for dinner. I ate Oscar Mayer pickle & pimiento loaf on low-carb white bread instead because it’s the only meal I could throw together in less than 45 seconds. On a paper plate.

JOINT PAIN. It’s usually just my crappy arthritic knees, but for the last couple of days I’m also dealing with stiff elbows, shoulder pain and severely cramped-up hands. Although I’m pretty sure the pain in my hands is the result of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) rather than sore joints, I decided to include it in this paragraph to confuse you.

CRAMPS, RASHES AND MISCELLANEOUS BULLSHIT. In addition to all of the above I’m also dealing with: 1) pulled muscles in my groin area, neck and rib cage; 2) a heat rash that develops whenever my body tries to fight off hypothermia (low body temperature); 3) assorted skin irritations in locations that are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS; 4) a post-nasal drip; 5) an itch between three fingers on my right hand; and 6) severe bruising on my left hand following an accident last Thursday with a myopic phlebotomist [see earlier post]. The color spectrum includes black, blue, purple, grayish green and maroon.

Oy, I desperately need a nap now. Thank you for stopping by.

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