Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Donald Trump and Canadian Ted Cruz have the most punchable faces in the GOP.

Something is seriously wrong with me this afternoon. I’m at my desk in the study, extremely thirsty, drifting in and out of consciousness, nodding off, knocking my cordless mouse on the floor three times and fantasizing about going to bed for a long nap. However an even better place would be the chaise in the family room because at least I could enjoy one of my favorite sleeping movies, such as The Rains Came (1939) starring Myrna Loy, George Brent and Tyrone Power or The Kennel Murder Case (1933) starring William Powell and Mary Astor. I have a large variety of excellent sleeping movies stored on our DVR. I highly recommend this. Please let me know if you’d like a list of my movie suggestions, okay?

I am annoyed to announce that the Republican kids’ table presidential debate begins seven minutes from now — at 5:30 p.m. Central time — on CNN. You can either watch online or turn on your TV, but either way I guarantee you’ll be throwing rocks at your screen after the first five minutes because these clowns are so god-awfully stupid. They include Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki, each a bigoted mental case in his own right.
In case you need a quick refresher, try to recall Mike Huckabee’s ridiculous (and thoroughly self-serving) support of bigoted county clerk Kim Davis when she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, Rick Santorum’s frightening fetus worship and hard-core hatred of birth control, and Lindsey Graham wanting to be the “war president” with boots on the ground in every country on earth — except possibly Canada — or you can just damn well vote for somebody else. (He actually said this.)

I know nothing whatsoever about George Pataki and I’m perfectly happy with that because he looks like he has really bad breath.

The CNN prime-time debate, of course, gets underway at 7:30 Central time, about 60 minutes from now as the crow flies. Tonight’s participants will include all of the following assholes:
This sure is a repulsive crowd, isn’t it? I particularly call your attention to the size of Dumbo Marco Rubio’s ears, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie both engaged in their favorite activities, and Donald Trump and Canadian Ted Cruz with the most punchable faces in the GOP. (I’m not too thrilled about the rest of those faces, either.)

And now I’m starting to nod off again, so it might be time to give up on typing and tackle a nice juicy nap in the family room. Thanks for stopping by tonight!

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