Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two things: 1) I went to the doctor this morning; and 2) I just saved us $25,000.

Happy Thursday afternoon from Howdygram headquarters! This has been a day of remarkable accomplishments for yours truly, which I’ll list for you below in neat subtitled paragraphs, with photos and illustrations whenever possible. Thank you.

I HAD A 9 A.M. APPOINTMENT WITH DR. M TODAY. This was my first excursion out of the house since May 7 and it went well. I got dressed without too much help from Sam, I remembered to comb my hair and — most of all — I was able to raise my left leg high enough to get into our car, which I was unable to do back in May and eventually had to step in backwards and then hop in a circle until I faced the right direction. (I looked and felt like A Idiot.) As for the doctor appointment itself, today’s festivities included a stellar blood pressure reading (118/76), a pat on the back for my very good INR blood test results every month and routine lab work with an energetic phlebotomist whose bedside manner was so alarming I’m convinced her real job is steer roping. And then I peed in a cup.

WE DON’T REALLY NEED A NEW CAR AFTER ALL. Sam and I came THIS CLOSE to buying a Kia Sorento over Labor Day weekend because the Sorento just made Consumer Reports’ top 10 best vehicles of 2015 due to its huge interior dimensions and overall handling. I’ve been whining that I’d love more leg and hip room than we have right now in our Hyundai Sonata and would probably get out of the house more often if I didn’t feel so squished. When I compared the Sorento to our Sonata, however, the numbers were almost IDENTICAL (who knew?) so I told Sam just to skip the whole thing and we’ll drive our Sonata till the engine falls out, thereby saving us approximately $25,000.
TONIGHT’S DINNER: MOUNTAIN HOUSE FREEZE-DRIED BEEF STROGANOFF. It’s NOODLY HEAVEN IN A BAG, people! You just pour in 1¾ cups of boiling water, stir, zip the bag shut and wait nine minutes. This is the perfect hot meal for disabled senior citizens who can’t stand at the stove any more to cook things. Mountain House makes about two dozen different entrees, a few side dishes, scrambled eggs with bacon and (best of all) BISCUITS & GRAVY WITH REAL SAUSAGE.

Thank you for reading this!

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