Saturday, February 7, 2015

I’m too tired right now to get up and wave.

It’s another gorgeous day here in north Texas. I know this for a fact — even though I almost never go outside — because Howdygram headquarters has windows! I also offer the following screen shot graphic from as evidence that we’re probably done with winter here already. (I’m definitely okay with that.)

As I write this post Sam is at Love Field waiting for his flight to Phoenix and I’m eating an Atkins low-carb brownie while I consider my first nap of the day, which will be VERY SOON due to not getting any sleep last night whatsoever. For your possible interest the following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; and B) Love Field Airport. Please don’t bother zooming in because Sam is inside waiting at Gate 12 with a cup of coffee and I’m too tired right now to get up and wave. (Deal with it, okay?)
I think my brain is fried. Thank you for reading this.

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