Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our latest Putz of the Week is Kory Watkins, an anorexic douchebag in a combat fedora.

Yo from Howdygram headquarters, people. It’s Sunday night and I just woke up from another extended nap to write a quick post before I join Sam in the family room for popcorn and a couple of our favorite movies. The popcorn is Pop Secret; the movies are The Talk of the Town (1942) starring Jean Arthur, Cary Grant and Ronald Colman and The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) starring a whole bunch of fabulous people such as Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Shirley Temple. I LOVE SUNDAY NIGHTS!

And now for one of the key reasons I felt compelled to write a second post today: ANOTHER PUTZ OF THE WEEK. For a second time we’re recognizing heavily-armed dipshit Kory Watkins, a deranged Second Amendment activitist and leader of a local branch of Open Carry Texas, whose current resumé includes no job, no drivers license, taunting police, rallying like-minded dipshits, shopping for groceries with an AK-47 and treason.
Regarding that final point, please allow me to draw your attention to a comment Watkins posted Saturday on his Facebook page. With any luck maybe he’ll land in a federal prison.
Let’s try to picture, if you will, the pure comedy of several thousand armed unemployed putzes seething with self-righteous ignorance — led by an anorexic doucehbag in a COMBAT FEDORA — milling around in Washington, D.C. trying to “arrest” the  government. I hope somebody shoots video of this fiasco.

Watkins recently ran for Congress as a Liberty Party candidate with a pledge to “defend the Constitution.” He lost. And he also clearly doesn’t understand that instigating AN ARMED OVERTHOW OF THE UNITED STATES isn’t exactly Constitutional. It’s called SEDITION, you stupid treasonous goon.

Thank you, be well and have an above-average day.

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