Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Molly White never leaves home without her bag of tiny rubber fetuses.

I’m getting a late start on today’s Howdygram post due to a number of worthwhile distractions. These include: 1) sleeping until 11 a.m.; 2) lunch with potato chips; 3) a three-hour nap in the afternoon; and 4) signing up for Facebook. Items one through three should be self-explanatory; item four is mostly due to my best girlfriend Sandi convincing me wouldn’t it be a scream to connect with people from high school who haven’t died of old age yet and maybe join a few nostalgic user groups. So I signed up a couple of hours ago and we’ll see what happens next. (Please feel free to resume your normal routine in the meantime.)

Mind if I take a few minutes to introduce you to our latest Putz of the Week? This time we’re recognizing Texas State Representative Molly White, a repulsive pile of festering right-wing feces who hates goddamn EVERYBODY. The freshman Texas legislator — who never leaves home without her bag of tiny rubber fetuses to help spread her anti-abortion message — recently introduced an abortion bill so outrageously radical that other right-wing Texas Republicans and hardcore pro-life groups can’t back it.
HB1648, the “The Coerced Abortion Prevention Act,” would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to coerce or force a woman into having an abortion and involves an insane waiting period and mandatory humiliating interviews with medical and law enforcement personnel. “Any waiting period is patronizing, but this bill’s indefinite waiting period is effectively a ban on abortion for anyone who mentions something that a physician could construe as coercion,” said Lenzi Sheible, president of Fund Texas Choice. “This bill doesn’t even ask a patient whether they want to be subject to an investigation into their personal lives. It just red-flags women without their consent in spite of any objections a patient might have and forces them to carry a pregnancy to term for their own good.”
If you want additional proof that Molly White is a shitbag, she filed a another bill this week that would preemptively undermine the highest court in the United States. According to this landmark legislation, the Texas Constitution will ban same-sex marriage “regardless of whether a federal court ruling or other federal law provides that a prohibition against the creation or recognition of a same-sex marriage or a civil union is not permitted under the United States Constitution.” In other words, FUCK THE SUPREME COURT BECAUSE TEXAS WILL DO WHATEVER THE HELL IT WANTS.

This shit is for real and has been referred to committee. I’m assuming it will stop there as soon as other legislators figure out what a colossal waste of time this is. A state cannot pass laws in direct opposition to the Supreme Court.

However this isn't the first time White’s hatred and bigotry have been front and center in her policymaking initiatives. In February, during Muslim Capitol Day, White demanded that any Muslim who visits her office will be asked to renounce terrorism and swear a loyalty oath to the United States, and then she replaced the U.S. and Texas flags in her office with the flag of Israel. White is still trying to defend herself to critics and is unable to understand why she’s so offensive. For the record, here’s an example of what Muslim schoolchildren faced that day when they visited Austin.
Molly White is a useless jerk who needs to be investigated for her anti-American activities and removed from office. Thank you.

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