Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday morning comedy: Ella and Stella pantomime “Silent Night.”

Because there’s nothing quite like musical comedy to beat those post-holiday blues, the Howdygram is pleased to offer this unforgettable video clip of twins Ella and Stella Brown pantomiming “Silent Night” as sung by Perry Como. I’m dead serious. (Note: I don’t think they’re wearing shoes.)

I’m feeling achy, crappy and altogether not so swell this morning. It’s only 8:30 and I’m already five or six hours short on sleep, my feet and knees hurt like hell, my left eye is watering and — now for the worst of it! — I just told Sam not to bother buying me a Sausage McMuffin this morning because my taste disorder is back and there’s no point going to all that trouble when everything pretty much tastes like STYROFOAM except for Pop Secret and Hormel tamales.

And now for A BRAND NEW HOWDYGRAM THING where I post pictures of a featured celebrity just for the hell of it when they were really young and you can’t recognize them. My first featured celebrity is actress Gladys Cooper, shown here at age 16 when she was a fashion model and again in 1964 when she co-starred in My Fair Lady as Rex Harrison’s mother.
You may also remember Gladys Cooper as Bette Davis’ evil mother in Now Voyager (1942) and as Mrs. Hamilton in The Bishop’s Wife (1947). She died in 1971.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this.

Sam and I are formulating our plans for today, although for me, mostly, all activities will focus on naps and what’s my next meal. Sam will actually leave the house and breathe real fresh air. (Maybe I can convince him to pick up Five Guys for lunch. I’ll have no problem whatsoever tasting a nice Five Guys hot dog.) At some point today we will also finish watching Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments (1956), starring Moses, Rameses, terrific plagues that were NOT computer-generated and a cast of thousands.
Have a nice day, okay?

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