Sunday, April 3, 2016

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

No kidding, it really was THE WORST. I was sick as a dog, shivering, shaking, aching from head to toe and severely hypothermic with a body temperature of 95.1°. And if that’s not enough ... the skin on the back of both thighs was so horrible and raw that I couldn’t sit comfortably anywhere, including at my own desk in the study; my bleeding rash is back; and I whined and cried every time I tried to move. I was a wreck. I tried several times to write a Howdygram post but couldn’t get past the first sentence, so I gave up altogether and bought a few nice digital files from and ordered dinner from King China. (I love their dumplings.)

In case you’re wondering, my hypothermia is caused by diabetic neuropathy, and ditto for the raw skin and that disgusting bleeding rash. At the moment, however, my temperature has jumped to 100.5°, and that’s a substantial fever for me because “normal” is usually 97°. I’m definitely not well tonight, but at least I’m not too uncomfortable at my desk for the time being. When I finish this post I’ll head back to the chaise in the family room and conk out with a William Powell movie.

Here are the aforementioned digital backgrounds that I bought today from Etsy. It’s my plan to start designing a line of holiday cards and assorted other holiday whatnots for The Howdygram Store. All of these backgrounds were on sale very cheap. Cheap is good.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few days, here’s the latest bullshit from Donald Trump.

NUKING OUR ALLIES IN EUROPE; ARMING ASIA. During an MSNBC town hall on Wednesday Trump insisted that he wouldn’t take using nukes off the table in any situation ... including in Europe. He says he always wants to be “unpredictable” on foreign policy and also thinks a U.S. military presence in Japan and South Korea “should be replaced by their own nuclear arsenals.” Jesus H. Christ on a soda cracker. Is he SERIOUS?

FIVE DIFFERENT POSITIONS ON ABORTION IN THREE DAYS. Donald Trump wrapped up a week of insane controversy about his views on abortion by throwing his brain in blender. Trump’s positions included women should be punished for having an abortion; no, the DOCTORS should be punished; no, NOBODY should be punished but it’s okay to wave signs in front of a clinic; no (again), no sign-waving, but even though abortion is murder Donald is fine with the current Supreme Court ruling (Roe v. Wade, 1973) that makes it legal. And then, in a predictable follow-up activity, Trump’s campaign had to back-pedal his comments to pretend he didn’t really say what he just said in plain English on television. And when that didn’t work, Trump tried to spin a lie that Chris Matthews of MSNBC edited his remarks to make him sound like an asshole. (Note to Donald Trump: You ARE an asshole.)

I was hoping to sit here writing for at least another hour but all of a sudden I’m in pain again and I have to lie down IMMEDIATELY. Thank you for your support and say hi to the family for me.

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