Friday, April 29, 2016

I’m ready to weather the storm with a box of teeny tacos and a favorite Myrna Loy movie.

It’s 10:15 Friday morning and Sam is on his way to Costco for a trunkload of our favorite speedy meals. This includes teeny tacos and breakfast burritos (both pictured below), chicken flautas, little tubs of spicy guacamole and instant oatmeal cups. Although I’m pretty sure you don’t give a crap about any of this, Costco is very important to Howdygram headquarters and I, for one, wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have teeny tacos in the house. Thank you.

Jonathan “Einstein” Nicola, Canada’s 6'9" super-duper star high school basketball player, is under investigation for lying about his age ... but claims that he actually doesn’t know how old he is. No kidding.

Nicola was a big-shot player for Catholic Central Secondary School in Windsor but was arrested on April 15 at the Canadian border and is still been held by immigration authorities. According to The Toronto Star, Nicola was traveling with his team to the U.S. when border officials discovered that his fingerprints matched a person who had tried to make a refugee claim in the United States from his home country (it’s either Kenya or Sudan; I can’t quite figure this out). Nicola’s visa application and passport to Canada indicate his birthday as November 25, 1998. His documents for the United States list it as November 1, 1986.
Nicola says his mother, who is also an Einstein, never told him his birthday. “I always keep asking what is the specific age that I was born, and she has told me that she could not remember.” Jesus H. Christ. Everybody is born at the same “specific age,” Einstein: ZERO!

According to court documents Nicola applied for a visa to the U.S. in Nairobi — to attend school on a full scholarship — that was denied in April 2015. Six months later he magically applied to Canada after “meeting someone who helped me with my application” (and shaved 12 years off his age). Let me guess ... WAS IT AN NBA RECRUITER?

I’ve got several ADORABLE FREE FONTS for you today. There probably would have been more except I’m not feeling very motivated to spend time browsing around on Incidentally, “Greatpark” is actually part of a four-font bundle that includes three more versatile hand-drawn scripts — “Hellena,” “Allessa” and “Jellysugar,” which I already have — and “Lovile” and “Tallball” include multiple styles. In case you want any of these for your own collection I’ll include download links below the graphic. You’re welcome.

So here’s the scoop about today’s weather. As usual with the lying sacks of poo at we got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING last night at Howdygram headquarters — no twisters, no rain, no wind, no hail — but all the local reports indicate we’re expecting a major hoo-hah TODAY instead, starting around 4 p.m., and I’ll get to enjoy the festivities from the chaise in the family room while I watch my all-time favorite sleeping movie, The Rains Came (1939) starring Myrna Loy and Tyrone Power having a weird romance in India.
For your possible interest Myrna is a widowed British aristocrat voluntarily mopping hospital floors in Ranchipur during a yellow fever outbreak; Tyrone’s a doctor who winds up marching into destiny as a real Maharajah in the final scene with George Brent grinning from the sidelines. (SPOILER: Myrna is dead by then because scrubbing floors doesn’t come with immunity and she drinks from the wrong cup.) I love this movie a LOT and you will, too.

Many thanks for stopping by today. Seriously.

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