Friday, August 4, 2017

Costco is excellent about returns and refunds.

I know you’ll forgive me for not posting since last Saturday, especially after I list the reasons why. And here we go!

I WASN’T WELL ENOUGH TO SIT UP for more than two or three hours at a time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most of the day on Thursday. Seriously! Whenever I shlepped myself into the study I had to contend with: 1) burning skin pain on the back of my thighs; 2) severe pain on the bottom of my left heel from diabetic neuropathy and a pair of horrible bleeding blisters; and 3) bladder explosions that made me shoot up from my desk without notice, thereby putting thoroughly unnecessary weight and stress on my shitty left foot. Not exactly the right atmosphere for writing humor. I WAS TOTALLY MISERABLE.

THEREFORE I WATCHED A LOT OF RONALD COLMAN MOVIES and reclined on the chaise in the family room for as many hours as possible. These included: Random Harvest (1942) with Greer Garson, The Late George Apley (1947), Talk of the Town (1942) with Jean Arthur and Cary Grant, and The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) with Madeleine Carroll. I also saw the last half-hour of Lost Horizon (1937).
I DESIGNED GREETING CARDS FOR MY ZAZZLE STORE using the few hours I managed to squeeze out at my desk. Greeting cards are excellent creative therapy for me, and sometimes I can even forget I’m writhing in pain. I’d also like to mention that The Howdygram Store is doing quite well right now and I’ve been selling a lot of products, most of which would be fabulous Hanukkah* presents for your relatives, friends and Jewish neighbors. The Howdygram Store’s product line includes coasters, playing cards, thermal tumblers, mugs, mousepads with matching wireless mice, phone cases, greeting cards, note cards, padfolios, clipboards, spiral notebooks, luggage tags, passport covers and more. (I hope you’re impressed.)
*Hanukkah begins on Tuesday, December 12. It’s never too early to shop. Trust me.

Today I’m pleased to present an interesting collection of useful and not-too-useful free fonts for your possible amusement. I’d rank “Poppit and Finch,” “Reshonta,” “Toy Cartoon” and “Wild Coconut” in the not-too-useful category; everything else is absolutely adorable. Now that I give this more thought, however, I think I’d like to push “Sweet & Salty” into the not-too-useful group, too, because I hate the ampersand. (Ampersands are my favorite symbol.) Download links appear below the graphic in case you want any of these fonts for your private stash. Enjoy!

Monday’s freebies from Creative Market included all of the following terrific patterns, clipart and illustrations. Shoot me an email if you want any of these, okay?
Here are the illustrations that come with the “Poppit and Finch” font. They’re all available in Adobe Illustrator format so you can change the colors and resize the images.

For dinner last night Sam and I tried two new prepared foods from Costco … pulled chicken in barbecue sauce and a tub of “loaded” baked potato salad. The chicken was very good, easy to chew even with dentures (stop laughing) and the sauce was mighty tasty. The potato salad, however, was PUTRID. It was a mountain of sour cream with partly-raw potato cubes, rock-hard bits of old ham and no pleasant flavors whatsoever. Neither of us could eat this mushy crap, so Sam said he’d return it today or tomorrow for a refund. Costco is excellent about returns and refunds! Incidentally, I tried to Google pictures of the pulled chicken and potato salad but couldn’t find any … so I’ll post the following photo instead.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating the Trump family (including Donald Trump’s useless offspring) regarding their involvement in various alleged financial crimes. Finally, yesterday a grand jury impaneled by Mueller issued subpoenas relative to Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russia, and later in the evening Senator Richard Blumenthal pointed to what has long seemed inevitable: INDICTMENTS!
Donald Trump Jr. has already confessed to attempted collusion with known Russian spies to rig the election for his father. Junior and his sister Ivanka are both wrapped up in the Trump SoHo financial scandal with a convicted Russian mafia kingpin with alleged ties to Russia money laundering. And Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has his own Russian collusion problems, as well as having lied on his security clearance forms. THESE PEOPLE LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING! Robert Mueller could put them all in prison, and if Trump tried to pardon any of them, it would realistically end his time in office.
We can only hope, right?!

As for Carter Page, he was Trump’s foreign policy advisor during the campaign and has been the subject of a foreign surveillance warrant since 2014. His phones have been tapped for THREE YEARS. Page was targeted by federal investigators for working as an agent of a foreign government and colluding with Russia. I can’t wait to get these assholes out of the White House already!

It’s 4:15 a.m., time for drugs and movie! Thank you for reading this and please make a note to remember the Alamo.

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