Monday, November 14, 2016

Everything is completely kablooey!

What a difference a day makes, right? Sam and I both felt so terrific all day on Sunday ... and now, during the wee hours of Monday morning, everything is completely kablooey! A couple of hours ago Sam showed me an area on top of his left foot where the dermatologist did a needle biopsy on Friday. It doesn’t look good at all — dark red, probably infected, etc. — and it’s also causing him a lot of pain. Sam painted it with a liquid bandage product as an anesthetic but said he’d call the doctor first thing today to find out what can be done. He’s seriously MISERABLE. I’m thinking he might need a box of Klondike bars.

As for me, all of sudden I’m really uncomfortable with those goddamn pressure sores on the back of my thighs. One of them in particular is actually a blister, and we can’t seem to convince the goddamn thing to stop bleeding because it heals up for a few days and then breaks all over again. My only solace is DRUGS. (I love my drugs.) The latest official Shit-O-Meter readout appears below for your possible interest.

Once again I only have a small handful of new FREE FONTS to share with you today ... mostly because (as I mentioned in my last post) I’ve been purging the 4,000 fonts — no, that’s not a typo! — loaded on my iMac and it’s my ultimate goal to dump about 1,500 fonts that I don’t use and don’t even like. In the meantime I’m trying to be more restrained and a little pickier than usual. Of the new fonts pictured below I’m definitely excited about “Neue Kabel,” an updated family of 18 fonts (the original version of “Kabel” has been around for decades) that’s selling for $399 right now on (Don’t believe me? Click here.) I’ll include download links for you after the graphic, okay?

We’ve got NEW MUGS! I spent most of the night uploading a number of extremely cute coffee mug designs for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle (with a lot more to come) ... just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah and office grab-bags and what should you buy this year for the kids’s teachers. Zazzle has fabulous sales every day of the year (mugs are 30% off today) so make sure you’re on their email list.

I think I’m done now. It’s 7 a.m. and I’ve been up all night, so this might be a good time to pee, put my feet up and take a nice long nap ... at least until noon. I wonder if Sam would mind making a toasted cheese sandwich for me first because I’m starving. Thank you for reading this!

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