Sunday, August 21, 2016

My summer activity schedule: Eat, watch a movie, fall asleep, repeat.

Happy Sunday to you and yours from Howdygram headquarters! With yoooge pride and delight I’d like to announce that I’M FINALLY ON A NORMAL SLEEP SCHEDULE, having officially conked out last night at 11:30 p.m. and waking this morning at 7. Even better, after a decent amount of really solid sleep I would also like to announce that my knees feel fine, I have no neuropathy pain whatsoever, and — best of all — I get to eat leftover Chinese for breakfast today! With a plastic fork!

And now, to make life even better, I would like to offer you another load of 100% free fonts. 

Free fonts are a joy, and I just downloaded a treasure of ’em from my two favorite freebie websites, and Seriously, I have no idea why anybody would be giving these away because some of them are fabulous and very expensive, especially “Shentox,” “Nordikka” and “Rohn Rounded” with all their different weights and styles. Case in point: I just peeked at, and they sell “Nordikka” for $139, “Rohn Rounded” for $160 and “Shentox” — on sale! — for $300. These three free font families alone are worth $599. Holy shit! (You can thank me later.) I’m also impressed with “King Bloser,” which includes a million curly swashy things and multiple weights, and “Blomming” and “Glamz” are very modern, sloppy-looking and weird. I’ll include download links after the graphic, okay?

We’re having a considerable amount of weather here today, such as THUNDERSTORMS and VOLUMINOUS  RAIN. We’re expecting more of the same tomorrow, too. Also next weekend. But the most important feature of the following forecast — which is a screen shot grabbed from — is our DAILY HIGH TEMPERATURE, which is mostly in the mid-80s for the next 10 days. Trust me when I say this ... temperatures in the 80s are INSANELY LOW for Texas at this time of year because we’re usually frying in the triple digits through the whole month of August and the first two or three weeks of September. Wow, right?
Sam has already declared his plan to take a couple of substantial walks today when it isn’t raining, which is an excellent idea for a person who likes to walk. I, on the other hand, will simply continue my regular summer schedule (which is exactly the same as my winter schedule): Eat, watch a movie, fall asleep, repeat.

I have a few new collections of digital images to share with you today ... all from Etsy, all on sale and all TOTALLY SEAMLESS so I can tile them in any direction to make gigantic backgrounds that are bigger than a side-by-side refrigerator.
Sometime during the coming week I absolutely have to get back to uploading designs for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle. Specifically ... I’ve got artwork finished for 30 decks of playing cards (see sample below) to coordinate with my drink coasters and (eventually) a complete line of exciting matching bottle openers. I think I also want to design a line of customized mason jars maybe. Please send an email to share your personal recommendations.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I’ve been trying awfully hard not to write about presidential politics whenever possible because the subject of Donald Trump makes me want to PUKE already. This campaign season can’t be over soon enough for me. Raise your hand if you feel the same way, okay?

Thank you for reading this.

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