Sunday, April 17, 2016

There’s nothing better than truck stop pastries.

Good Sunday to you and yours! It’s 6:45 a.m. and we’ve already got a gigantic line of crazy storms headed our way. Local TV station WFAA says we’re expecting four to six inches of rain today in addition to flash floods, wind, hail, flying monkeys and maybe a tornado.

The red star on the right side of the following map denotes Howdygram headquarters. If you zoom in I’m the old lady who’s waving her cane and eating a sugar-free fried pie baked fresh at Fuel City. (Apple.) There’s nothing better than truck stop pastries!

I’ve got a couple of excellent videos to share with you. The first one is from Frank Schaffer, a former religious right political activist, who decided to thank President Obama for being such a class act. Now I think we should all thank Frank Schaffer!

The second video is from Jimmy Fallon and shows a bunch of hilarious little kids doing their best imitations of Donald Trump.

My Sunday got away from me. It’s teetering on midnight as I continue this post, Sam is in bed, and a couple of minutes ago I wobbled into the study to refill my pill organizer, grab a nice cold can of Diet Sunkist from the mini-fridge and consider a ridiculously late meal as I’ve been sleeping on and off since 9 a.m. yesterday. Maybe a teeny can of Chef Boyardee mini-ravioli. (Yes, not only do I have a teeny fridge on my desk ... I’ve got a teeny MICROWAVE, too!)

We’re still up to our wazoos in thunderstorms here. The current map on (see below) shows great big storms on and around Howdygram headquarters and we’re getting a fuckton of VERY HEAVY RAIN. As always. the little red star on the right side of the map denotes yours truly. Wave if you want to, but no hooting because it’s awfully late.

In one of my Howdygram posts on April 14 [read it here] I included a news story about Ted Cruz from 2004 when he was Solicitor General of Texas and argued in court that Americans have no right to sell sex toys and no right to masturbate. Fortunately he was laughed out of court before he had a chance to reveal how he’d monitor the general population for violations. Dildo police?
Thank you for reading this.

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