Saturday, February 27, 2016

What the fuck is “Humblle Rought”?

It’s Saturday! It’s Saturday! This is my favorite day of the week because Sam is here with me at Howdygram headquarters to horse around, nosh, nap and be his adorable sweet self with green eyes and freckles. Plus he also went to Costco this morning to stock the fridge with a trunkload of our perennial favorites, such as teeny tacos, breakfast burritos, Cape Cod chicken salad with smooshed cranberries, Chinese chicken wrap sandwich whatnots with a sesame dressing dip, frozen pre-grilled Angus hamburgers, salt & pepper pistachios and spicy guacamole cups. Now I’ve got a million things I can eat for lunch! I LOVE LUNCH!

But first ... another large dose of my favorite prescription painkiller — God bless Norco! — and a nice hot shower. As a matter of fact, right now would be perfect. Don’t go away.

Here they are, people ... the latest bunch of EXCELLENT FREE FONTS from my house to yours! These are all quite interesting, to tell you the truth, although I think my favorites today are “Ink Blossoms,” “Bookeyed Jack” and “Magnolia Sky.” Download links appear below the graphic so you can share these with your friends and neighbors.

A small side note about the free fonts I post here on the Howdygram. I get them all from, a website that’s hosted somewhere in southeast Asia (Thailand? Viet Nam?) and most of the font designers are either local or from Russia and the Ukraine. They’re definitely not English-speakers, which you notice immediately by their atrocious spelling and words that make no sense whatsoever. What the fuck is “Humblle Rought?”

In case you’re interested, yesterday I treated myself to two more collections of amazing high-resolution backgrounds from for my greeting card projects. One is a collection of gold foil patterns and the other is a collection of photorealistic kraft papers. No kidding, these will make the most adorable products imaginable for The Howdygram Store. Right now I’m working on a line of greeting cards featuring cow cartoons — moo, y’all! — and some cute whatnots for bridal showers.

Believe it or not, Sam went to bed tonight at 9:45 because he’d been unconscious on the sofa for a couple of hours at that point and finally decided he’d be a lot more comfortable in the bedroom. To tell you the truth, I can’t go to bed that early. If I tried I would only sleep for three or four hours and then wind up sitting at my desk all night.

And while I’m on the subject ... I’ve already decided to spend the night on the chaise in the family room rather than join Sam in bed. For the last few days I’ve had some serious neuropathy issues with both feet — they hurt like hell and my soles and heels feel like they’re ON FIRE — and the chaise is the only spot in the whole house where I can sleep pain-free. Sometimes it’s such a relief I almost start to cry.

Thank you for reading this. Seriously.

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