Thursday, November 12, 2015

I want a nice hot meal once in a while without pestering other people.

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m in the study rehydrating a bag of Mountain House freeze-dried Biscuits & Gravy for senior citizens because I’M STARVING TO DEATH and this is the blandest food I can eat at this ridiculous hour and still go to bed afterwards without belching myself into the next county. I’m waiting for Sam to get home from work. He’ll probably be here by 4:30 if I can stay awake that long. We’ll see.
Hey, in case you’re wondering how come this picture features metal utensils, a red sweat rag, tree branches and a bunch of pine cones, it’s because Mountain House entrees are marketed to campers and backpackers. The Howdygram, however, recommends them for hungry senior citizens such as yours truly with mobility issues who can’t stand up, can’t cook and want a nice hot meal once in a while without pestering other people.

Did you have a swell Veterans Day?

It really pays to be vigilant, people! Because the fabulous new Drive Medical Sentra Bariatric Wheelchair for Big Butts that I ordered last week from Amazon already missed two promised shipping dates (November 9 and 11), a few minutes ago I decided to hunt around on Amazon for the same chair from another seller. Glorioski! I STRUCK GOLD! I found one for $566.80 with free Prime shipping — $135.42 cheaper than the chair that never shipped — so I canceled the old one and bought the new one, and delivery is scheduled for November 16.
Just in case you’re wondering, this incredible bargain did NOT exist last week when I bought the other wheelchair. There were no Drive Medical Sentra wheelchairs advertised for less than $700 except for one, but it didn’t include the front “riggings” (elevating leg rests and foot supports) and you had to order them separately for $179. I can’t wait to tell Sam about this. He loves bargains as much as I do!

Thank you for reading this.

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