Thursday, June 1, 2017

I’m so fed up I want to drop-kick a bedpan through the window.

It’s still the first day of June and I’m still having “issues.” Pishing, of course. I’m so fed up I want to drop-kick a bedpan through the window. (Okay, not really. But I’m definitely fed up.) On all other fronts, however, this is shaping up to be a somewhat pleasant day. Sam is still in Scottsdale, and I’m staying out of trouble with another Howdygram post and a nice lunch. On today’s menu? A pouch of Mountain House freeze-dried Italian Style Pepper Steak with Rice and Tomatoes for handicapped senior citizens who can’t stand up long enough to cook real food any more. Just add boiling water!
I should also mention that I smashed the big toe on my right foot Monday night when I tried to maneuver around the coffee table in the family room. My nail was pitch black before I made it to the bathroom (in case it started to bleed) but the throbbing pain only lasted a short time. Now we’re waiting for the nail to fall off. If you’d like tickets to the big event please send an email and we’ll reserve a seat for you.

I only have one free font to share with y’all today, but it’s an interesting one and it includes six different special effects styles, such as several kinds of shadows, “aged” effects, and so on. If you design vintage logos or just like to horse around with unusual display fonts, I think you’ll like “Richmond Label.” A download link appears below the graphic.

I also had a chance to grab some free patterns, backgrounds and clip art today from Design Cuts. Just send me an email if you want any of these for your own collection!

At this point I think I might be ready for a quick trip to the bathroom (fingers crossed) and a juicy afternoon nap with a couple of Margaret Rutherford movies. Thank you for reading this and please do your best to remember the Alamo. I haven’t had much luck with that lately.

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