Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill Pullman isn’t dead.

Happy Tuesday morning, boys and girls! It’s 7:20 a.m. and Sam is on his way to work as I write this post ... his first day at a BRAND NEW JOB after four glorious months of rest and downtime at home. This is the first new job he’s had in more than 12 years and (with any luck) it will be his LAST. Sam actually considers this to be semi-retirement, with a return to commercial printing, no stress and normal daytime hours.

I had a quarterly checkup yesterday morning with my primary care physician, the lovely Dr. M, who declared that: 1) my heart sounded fine; 2) my feet looked beautiful for an aging diabetic with neuropathy; and 3) I’m awfully damn lucky to have Sam. I agreed with all three assessments. And then, just for the hell of it, I peed in a cup and let a phlebotomist draw three tubes of blood. I’ll let you know how the labs turn out in a couple of days, okay?

Incidentally, my transportation to and from Baylor was a big success today, too. Once again I rode Star Transit, Mesquite’s senior citizen shuttle bus, which has an elevator lift for my wheelchair — whee! just like Disneyland! — and exceptionally pleasant drivers. The entire trip was 90 seconds in each direction, as illustrated below. The following map denotes: A) Howdygram headquarters; and B) Baylor Family Health Center on the I-30 service road. For the record, I don’t understand some of the pre-printed locations on Google maps. Our subdivision is named “Stonecrest Estates” but the map is labeled “Stonecrest Commercial” ... and there’s nothing even remotely commerical around here except for a small gas station at Northwest Drive and Belt Line Road. WHAT THE FUCK?! End of rant.

My first order of business this morning will be a phone call to Scott & White, the company that operates my Medicare HMO health plan. I need to find out how come Sam paid retail street price (holy crap) for my Novolin R insulin in January instead of the regular co-pay for a tier 3 drug. Scott & White sends out a monthly statement to Medicare patients detailing our prescription drug expenses ... how much they paid, how much we paid, and so on. My January statement came in the mail on Friday and that’s how I found out what Sam paid for my insulin. I’ll let you know how this hoo-hah turns out but please feel free to resume your normal activities in the meantime. Thank you.

MEDICARE HOO-HAH UPDATE: This was not a rotten scam after all. I was just reminded that my Medicare HMO has a $100 annual deductible for prescription drugs, and that’s why Sam paid $124.40 for a three-month supply of Novolin R. I feel a lot better now and can finally get back to my Cheetos and Diet Sunkist ... the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!

I only have three FREE FONTS for you today, guys, but they’re all so cool I can’t pick a favorite! Download links will appear below the graphic in case you want these for your personal font library.

Thought you also might like to see the two free collections of high-resolution digital background images I snagged this morning. The hand-drawn patterns were from Creative Market and the pretty “Gold Rush” whatnots were a giveaway from Sellfy.com.

Now that Sam is working again I’ll have more uninterrupted time at the computer to create fabulous products for my store on Zazzle, specifically: 1) fabulous greeting cards; 2) fabulous mugs; 3) fabulous recipe binders; 4) fabulous hard-bound guest books in a gift box; and 5) fabulous retractable vertical banners. (FYI, items 4 and 5 are brand new to Zazzle and personally thrilling.)

Plus ... later this week I want to do a major overhaul of The Howdygram Store, which includes renaming several product categories, adding new categories and subcategories, changing the font and font size for all the category and subcategory graphics (46 images in all) and uploading them to Zazzle. And incidentally, this is the kind of project you can’t do halfway. Once you get started, you have to revise and upload images until you’ve done them ALL or your store will look completely deranged.

Our latest dead celebrity is Bill Paxton, the nice, white bread actor who played second leads in movies like Apolllo 13 (1995), Titanic (1997) and Tombstone (1993). He also had juicy roles in HBO’s “Big Love” and “Hatfields and McCoys.” (Sam and I tried to watch “Hatfields and McCoys” a few years ago and HATED it. Way too much blood.)
Bill Paxton is survived by his wife, two nice children and another actor who constantly reminds me of him: Bill Pullman, the dude that co-starred with Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping (1995). If you check around online you’ll see I’m not alone in this mistaken identity baloney. Apparently thousands of people always get the two actors confused. Fortunately for Bill Pullman, however, there’s a brand new distinction: HE’S THE ONE WHO CURRENTLY ISN’T DEAD.

Thank you for reading this. It’s time for my mid-day nap!

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